Two photographers?!

Hi brides to be. I recently posted asking for recommendations for photographers in Northumberland. We have found a few we really love but the thing that keeps irking me is thinking that if we just have the one photographer there will be no shots of the groomsmen getting ready together :-(

Our favourite one is a one man band - there is another photographer who has an assistant and I am unsure what to do! Or am I being silly and there will be plenty of the groomsmen later on anyway!? xx


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    This probably doesn't help you at all but I am paying my photographer a little extra to have an assistant to photograph my h2b. Not essential but since it wasn't that much extra to have the assistant we thought why not. I love the style of my photographer so if she didn't have an assistant available then it wouldn't have mattered. Just go with your heart, if you love the photographer that doesn't have an assistant then go for it. Quality over quantity. xx

  • I'd speak with your photographer - often it is possible to pay a little extra for a 'second shooter' who can be there to capture groom preparations and also different angles of your ceremony :)

  • If he can't get an assistant for the day then speak to him and let him know that you want some pics of your man and his ushers.  If you let him know your timings for the day maybe he could come to where you are and take some pictures of you getting ready then shoot off to the venue to take some pictures of everything set up and some detailed pictures of table settings etc etc etc.  I'm guessing that the groom and his band of merry men will be at the venue first to greet your guests arriving for the ceremony, if they are all there in enough time then the photographer could get some snaps then!

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    hey rainbooboo,

    i think you need to decide what is most important to you.

    in my opinion (though it really is your decision!), i would go for the photographer whose style i liked the most. the way i see it, your wedding photos are one of the few lasting memories you will have of the day: would you rather have an entire collection of photos shot in the exact style you love, or choose the second best photographer just to get a few snaps of the boys getting ready? (which i think, realistically, aren't going to be the main photos you'll look at again and again in the years to come!) 

    the other ladies have made some good suggestions. there is no harm in asking if an assistant can come along or see if the photographer can make it to both of you before the ceremony :) x

  • We had two photographers because hubby really wanted two but to get different angles during important points such as walking down the aisle one had shots of me one had shots of him and speeches one had the reaction of the guests one took photos of the speaker. Our two photographers went to the groomsmen first and then both came to me and bridesmaids so in that case it wouldn't have made a difference. We loved their photography too xxx

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    We had two as well, which was included in our package. I'm so glad we did as they both captured quite different photos.

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    Here are some wonderful samples and tantalizing prices !!

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