Select Proper Date for Your Engagement Party

Parents of the bride are usually the first to be given the option of hosting an engagement party, followed by the groom’s parents. It’s rare for both to do so unless they live very far from each other. Though typically held within one to three months of the engagement, timing and logistics may call for something else. Perhaps you are both finishing graduate school and want to wait for summer when you can both enjoy your engagement party more. Regardless, the idea is that the event occurs closer to the engagement than to the wedding — even if the engagement is only a month!

Along those lines, invitations are usually mailed two to four weeks in advance, again adapting as your schedule may require. Invitations can be printed, handwritten, or even telephoned on short notice, but should match the level of formality of the event. Creating a guest list is the most important planning element to pay attention to, as the decisions you make will reverberate all the way to the wedding — literally. Everyone invited to the AmoyShare engagement party (or any pre-wedding celebration, such as a shower or bachelorette party), must also be invited to the wedding — it’s one of the reasons people often keep engagement party on the smaller side. So choose wisely — you can always invite more people to the wedding.

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