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I'm getting myself in a bit of a tizzy over my colour scheme for the wedding. Ever since I got engaged I imagined an Autumnal theme with reds and oranges with bridesmaids in a dark red dress. I posted before about trying to find such a dress in high street stores but its proving difficult.

I've been in Pinterest looking at alternate Autumn colours but wondered if anyone had suggestions? There are nice dark purples, lilacs and even greys that I like but now it means the whole theme will be different 🙈 Which is okay but I need to make a decision asap because my florist needs to know before I book flowers, h2b and best man are going to wear cravats in the same colour as bridesmaid dress so need to decide soon.

Rambled post, I know, reflection on how my brain is feeling 🙈


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    I bought these fabrics for my bridesmaids, I'm making them big circle skirts (like the Coast bridesmaid two piece look but a lot more affordable) to wear with plain tops. I think these colours would be perfect for Autumn (my wedding is this spring though!) I'm hoping to get DIY flowers in the yellow, violet and coral colours.image

  • What about BMs in gold? You could keep the rest of the colours the same.

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    I was actually looking at some nice gold ones today. 


    Also - grey/silver and lavender ones on Asos. Is that 'in season' or does it matter? 

  • When I wanted autumnal colour, I was looking at putting the bridesmaids in mocha brown. I know it seems dark but with autumnal colour flowers reds, oranges, yellows etc but in my head it really worked :) 

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    I think red, brown, gold, orange will be good in different combinations)

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    Brown looked really good on Pinterest too!

    Hmm I've went from struggling to find one in red to seeing loads I like in various colours! Ahhh :-) 

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    I was going to have an Autumn theme too but as the planning progressed I fell in love with things and colours that didn't fit and Autumn theme so just scraped it and just picking things I like! I too struggled to find bridesmaid dresses that fit the Autumn theme. I would recommend just getting what you like rather than restricting yourself to a theme you decided on ages ago. thats what I've done and I'm really happy with everything I've got so far 😊

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    Thanks, seems to be a struggle for most people! What colours have you went for instead SF16? 

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    We are going with navy, white and a bit of nothing like autumn really! Looking at our venue now I think autumn colours would have looked too busy in our venue. To be honest we havent got a set colour theme anymore. Just going with what we think will look nice and go together. It seems to be working well so far so fingers crossed!

    I have seen some nice autumnal coloured bridesmaid dresses on ASOS if you want to check them out.



  • We had an autumn wedding last year, we had a lot of woodland, rustic theme with quite a lot of gold. I've uploaded the styling photos to Pinterest 

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