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Late cancellation by contracted wedding band.

Roger14Roger14 Posts: 2

As father of the bride, I had an extremely tearful and distressed daughter on the phone last night to tell me that her wedding band had cancelled.

The Wedding is on June 18th this year and the band was booked through a very reputable agency and contracted in February 2015 with deposit paid. The band was selected by my daughter after much time and research, well in advance to secure the one she wanted and all contracts exchanged. Now with 6 weeks to go the band have notified they are cancelling because the brother of the singer is having a last minute wedding and has asked the singer to be best man. 

Rather than telling his brother he is already booked, the singer has decided to cancel inspite of being in breach of the contract cancellation clauses. The band are not prepared to use a stand in singer so my daughter is left with no band with little chance of booking a good replacement on a Saurday in June only 6 weeks away. 

What is even more worrying is that after taking legal advice, it seems that as the cancellation has not actually caused her any financial loss as the agent will repay the deposit, she has no legal basis on which to claim compensation or damages. The band are only legally bound to pay any cost higher than the original booking fee up to a maximum of 20% above the original fee. That is assuming a band can now be found. On the other hand, if my daughter had cancelled she would have had to pay the band the full fee. 

The whole reason for the cancellation sounds doubtful, but it does mean that if you have booked a band for your wedding and they decide to cancel because they have been made a better offer, or the dog is sick, then any contract is basically worth nothing. Some investigation has shown that the contract is a perfectly standard music industry contract, and that the booker is totally at the mercy of the band's integrity.

For those who are booking a wedding band and would like to know who they are, they are from the Nottingham area and work under 3 different names that I know of, THE ROOTS ACOUSTIC TRIO, THE ONE STEP BAND, and WHITE RABBIT. The singer and band leader also performs a solo act under his name of NICK KEEN. They are a popular act that several agents have on their books, but be warned that a contract guarantees you nothing.

Angry Father


  • I get that you're upset and your poor daughter must be really stressed but if I was the lead singer I'd cancel too, no way would I not go to a siblings wedding because I had to work. I think it's bonkers you looked at taking legal action!

    I'm sure your daughter will have a special, beautiful, meaningful and magical day even though she's had this upset. 

  • Roger14Roger14 Posts: 2

    If you are prepared to sign a legal contract as your bond that you will accept the booking, there is no way that it is acceptable to cancel at 6 weeks notice in total breach of the terms that you have signed up to. If you don't want to be bound by it, don't sign it. If the situation was reversed and he band had been cancelled, she would have been legally bound to pay the full contract fee. 

    As a musician for most of my adult life, I wouldn't have dreamed of breaking my bond. If the singer wasn't prepared to miss his Brother's last minute wedding, the least he could do was to find a replacement vocalist for the band or a alternative suitable band. My daughter's wedding is one of the most important days in her life and if it means so little to a contracted musician, they should take up an occupation that impacts other people less, or suffer the consequences.

    If a contract can be breached so easily and without repercussions, what is the point of them?

  • I personally just think it's bizarre that you wanted to take legal action, but I suppose we're all different.

    I totally agree with it being cancelled (at any time) is awful. It's not professional and has caused major upset. Just as it is your daughters important day it is his brothers important day, to you, your daughter should come first, to him his brother comes first. Contracts like this protect the band, unless you specify a clause of consequence if they cancel or are unable to attend, which they obviously wouldn't do and you didn't ask for.

    A upsetting situation but one that can be fixed. I hope your daughter can find another band she and her partner like.

  • Seriously guys!!  If you are a professional you would Never Break Contract.  Angry Father, I really feel for you now.  

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Pretty poor really. I'd be upset too, I can't see how they couldn't have sorted another singer, as I would assume most bands would have a back up plan in case a member was sick etc.

    Hope your daughter manages to find an alternative!

  • Lucyw1672Lucyw1672 Posts: 76

    That is bad. i would consider legal action as well.  i understand that sometimes a band might need to cancel but they should find you a replacement band

  • I'm with you Angry Father. If you are a professional and you sign a business contract, you are obligated to fulfill that contract, or at least provide a satisfactory replacement so that the bride doesn't have to do it herself with only 6 weeks to the wedding.

    I understand serious matters such as death or serious illness are exceptions but it sounds like this brother of the singer decided last minute to have a wedding and the singer jumped on the better offer. And now your daughter has to deal with the added stress this brings.

    I know it sounds a but cliche but has she considered taking her dilemma to social media, such as Facebook, and seeing if a local band can step in? (Not to trash the original band. What's done is done - I know you're angry but getting into a flaming war won't help anyone)

    It means they come to her rather than her getting stressed about phoning people.


  • Sarah398Sarah398 Posts: 266

    I'm with you too angry father & thank you for saying who they are as it seems like they are a risky option (what about illness as mentioned above.)

    Ive booked my band through earcandy - ok, I dont know what they are like yet as my wedding is not until July, but they have a number of band members for the same band, who are proffessionals.  It does mean you are not guaranteed who your line up will be but hopefully will not be let down at the last minute by illness etc.

    Good Luck finding replacement.

  • Kimberley23Kimberley23 Posts: 167

    What an awful situation, I'd be devastated & definitely would have looked at legal action and compensation. I really hope you can find another band x

  • Charlotte237Charlotte237 Posts: 274 New bride

    I'm with a Roger on this and would definitely be doing the same thing re. legal action. I'm sorry the contract is worthless in that respect but I'm not surprised. Illness would be one thing, but not another wedding. I fully understand that to the band member, his brother's wedding is more important - however, if he is a professional he would have honoured his commitment. I am surprised his brother didn't check when he's available actually - I have a cousin who is a wedding photographer and I checked years in advance when she'd be free and ensured she blocked out the date. I would never presume to spring a date for a last-minute wedding on her and expect her to cancel on a client and leave them in the lurch! Disfeaceful behaviour. 

    Roger I'm really sorry your daughter is so upset. I have friends in the Nottingham area and I think a couple of them will be engaged pretty soon so I'll pass on the band's name(s) to them all.

    I hope she finds another band she likes.

  • Izzy13Izzy13 Posts: 1

    Totally with angry dad. This is unprofessional and unacceptable. I am lead singer in a band and we play weddings sometimes at VERY last minute and rarely even sign a contract because I believe your word is your bond! I have rearranged countless things with my family and my kids to make sure I fulfil my obligations and they totally understand (not to mention the good work ethic example it sets for my kids!).

    When you're playing weddings...SUCH and important's just not on to let people down. At the very least if you had to HAD to cancel, you would do the work that the bride/groom had to do in the first place to book you and find a very similar alternative to offer.


  • San1969San1969 Posts: 577

    This happened to me at my first wedding with a weeks notice!  Absolutely devastating! However, it ended up being for the best because I found another band who could take over and they were brilliant.  Try contacting Fully Funktional and see if they can help, I totally recommend them.  

    i really hope your daughter finds another band and has a fantastic wedding day 

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    This thread is a year old!

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