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A 3D ‪Wedding‬ Celebration by Aaron d'Almeida - 2016 Wedding MC Extraordinaire

Held at the ‪W Hotel‬ ‪Sentosa‬ ‪Singapore‬ by Born2Talk Corporate & Wedding Events  

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  • Definitely WONT recommend Born2Talk Aaron D'Almeida. He is RUDE, RACIST, and totally UNPROFESSIONAL, leaving us hanging (he quit because he got angry, throwing a tantrum😱😱) ONE day before our wedding. His fees were S$2,588 and yet he was badmouthing me, his client, calling me “this pinoy guy” and a “Bugger”. He used words such as “annoyingly inconvenient” to refer to our engagement with him, right in front of us. He has no respect for client at all and is very condescending.

    We initially chose Aaron from a selection of emcees because he has a great voice. Unfortunately, he is very arrogant with an attitude, something we only found out when we met him in person.

    The first time we met Aaron, he was late by 1 hour, and did not bother at all to apologize. During that meeting, I could feel he was not very receptive to our ideas and was pushing to do things his way. He was brash during the meeting, saying that he was “there to educate us” and when we insisted on what we wanted which was a more dialed-down classy way of hosting catered towards our parents guests, he sarcastically said “ok fine let’s go with the mundane”. We were having second thoughts about him due to his attitude, but our organisers told us that they spoke to him and that Aaron understood the situation better now. We decided to give Aaron the benefit of the doubt, and so we asked for another meeting so we could ensure we don’t have any surprise attitudes on the wedding day.

    Aaron said he could only meet us 2 days before the wedding (Thursday, when our wedding was Saturday). During that meeting, I thought it went rather well. We aligned on the program, and the hosting. That day he asked a few questions (how we met, proposal story, solemnization details and how to pronounce my family names). I provided most of the details that very night and the rest within the extended deadline he gave. I thought, ok we should be smooth sailing now.

    The next day, which was literally ONE day before the wedding, I was super busy running errands in preparation for the wedding. That morning, he asked more than 10 deep follow up questions. I THANKED HIM for the push on the details, but reminded him that I think the too many details is too cheesy, so no need for me to provide answers to his level 3 questions (remember, we wanted it more dialed-down and classy, more catered for our parents friends).I was hoping that he just sticks to what we discussed the day before (going through the program, keeping it simple yet stylish, and NOT go into all the super deep details ( he wanted stuff like what inspired our first movie together). I didn’t understand why he couldn’t just respect our wish to have a more dialed-down and classy wedding and not something peppered with all these details? Shouldn’t he listen to the client more?

    This is where he became difficult. He called me Mr. Mogna (clearly not my name, twice). He claimed he had very little material to work with, and that as an alternative we should write a professional script for him! This is where I felt very annoyed, because why is he asking all these things ONE day before the wedding?? If he didn’t have enough material to work with, he should have been a professional and asked for it many many days before, NOT ONE DAY BEFORE😤! And how could you get the groom’s name wrong after meeting him and communicating with him several times? I was worried he would get it wrong on that day. So I sent him the following messages:

    “ Firstly, I hope u get my name right on the wedding day”
    “Secondly, we are also busy with a lot of errands,- not sure why all of this is being done 1 day before the wedding”
    “Not sure if that’s born to talks style of working—all last minute then expect us to get all the answers done”

    He was clearly displeased with those words above. Behind my back, he told the organisers that I was commiting “slander”. He showed his RACISM, calling me “wah this pinoy guy” and he also called me a “bugger” (you guys can google what bugger means, to see how RUDE this guy is). 😠

    In parallel, he wrote on our group chat saying I was “disrespectful”. He claimed he remained “amicable, trusting and reliable”, even if clearly that was NOT what we saw throughout our engagement with him. He was saying I should “avoid self embarassment” and then he said that he “…respectfully decline continuation of my sincere and time-honoured expert participation until clarity, mutual respect and a sense of gratitude for undertaking this project despite the undeserving challenges I've endured, is mediated by your good self and comfort levels are established between your client and myself.”

    In short, HE QUIT ON US, ONE DAY BEFORE OUR WEDDING. We were very hurt by what he did, and was made worse by his personal RACIST and RUDE remarks he made against me I mentioned earlier. 😠

    He is so full of himself, so arrogant and difficult to work with. QUITTING ONE DAY BEFORE the wedding is the height of UNPROFESSIONALISM. My wife and I were very hurt by what he pulled off, and the hurtful behind-my-back personal attacks. His actions were in my mind very unprofessional.He was charging S$2,588 for his services, so I was hoping to at least get some degree of professionalism from him. Instead, all I got were personal insults from him and a crisis one day before the wedding.

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