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Florist Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire

Hey ladies,

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a great modern/contemporary florist in the Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire area? Needs to be a big florist because we're having A LOT of flowers. We had a florist booked but they fell through (still got a year to the wedding so not too stressful). The other florist was going to use a team of 5 people to do the wedding, to give some context of size.

All suggestions welcome :)


  • MrsB to beMrsB to be Posts: 78

    The flower pot in Brackley is a very good florist. She is a one man band though, so not sure about huge commissions.

  • The Flowers by Susan Robinson in Wendover is a lovely florist but you would have to check with her re: the size of order.  Her arrangements are beautiful.

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