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Hiya lovely ladies. I know you can help me here....

Basically, my H2B really wants a band to play at our wedding who have a DJ set option and I'm far from keen on this idea!

I get married next month and having our reception at Bartle Hall in Preston. My worries are that I think they'll be too loud and will scare people away from the main room our reception is held. I'm afraid people might sit in he bar area or outside to get away from all the loud music. 

Have any other brides had a band for their wedding and this happened or does anybody else have the same worry? 

I really don't know what to do and any support and advice will be appreciated.


  • I work a lot of weddings and in general a band actually encourages people to dance... the dancefloors always seem to be more full with a band than just a DJ :) A DJ will be just as noisy so if you have the budget for it and they're available at this late notice then I would go for it personally =] x

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    If you only have a month until your wedding this may be a pointless discussion with you h2b. The chances of finding a good band that are available are limited and if you already have a DJ booked you might just have to stick with that.

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    I think that this depends on your guests. If you have mainly older or less "party-type" guests then they are more likely to want to avoid the band/dance floor/loud music and prefer a drink and chat in the bar. If you have people that like to party and like to dance then a (good) band is probably the most effective way to fill the dance floor. 

    So whether you want a band really depends on the attitude of your guests. But if it being loud is what concerns you, then you can always ask them to turn it down...? 

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    Oh yeah, I just assumed that you had a band in mind that you knew were free? If not, then MrsTwizbe is right, you will be lucky to find a decent band with this short amount of notice as they tend to get booked up a year or at least 6 months in advance usually. 

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    Thanks ladies!

    MY H2B has found a half decent band that is just within budget and are available.

    Also I think our guests are 3/4 fun dancers and 1/4 older people so I'm still unsure on what to do! 


    Does anybody have any suggestions besides a band or DJ for evening entertainment?

  • We had a band and even though it was our good friend's band so we may be biased, I have to say it was the best money we spent on our wedding day. They had the dance floor full all night and people still talk about the great atmosphere they created. They were a duo acoustic band so not overwhelming, although you'll find most venues have a sound limiter installed anyway to stop things getting too loud anyway. 

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    I'm surprised you found a band with availability, for most entertainment you'd struggle but a half way point would be something like singing waiters perhaps? Get everyone up before the DJ or music starts. A friend of mine had them at her wedding and they were great, something I'm considering having at mine.

    I personally love a band though and think it would only encourage people to get involved. I find that DJ's on their own make people go and sit outside but that's just my opinion, I guess it just depends on the wedding


  • I had a band that did a pre recorded music set through their breaks which we customised. In honesty, they were loud buy we caterer for everyone as our venue had different floors, we had a fire pot outside for the quiet chatters and everyone else just raved away to the band. We got them to play the music we love and had great feedback: so many of our friends said they'd never seen their husbands dance so much etc etc

    It wouldn't have been the same wedding without the band. We had had a very traditional day so felt like the older people had had their part, we wanted to party! I'd make the decision based on what type of day you want.

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    Thank you ladies!


    I think we have a band sorted now, just need to pay a deposit and get a receipt. 

    We have another concern though..... they don't have a contract for us to sign!! 
    Is this normal? did you guys sign a contract? 

    I was thinking about creating our own just for peace of mind but we're worried it may not be worth the paper it will be printed on to.


    Laura x




  • Hi Laura,

    Did you manage to sort your band in the end? FixTheMusic has helped with loads of last minute enquiries this summer for live music.  Our contract is built into the site and we hold the money securely until after the band has played so you're in safe hands.

    Sounds like you need something uptempo but not too loud to satisfy all your guests. Maybe an acoustic duo or trio?

    Try submitting an enquiry on our website:


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