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Should invites match colour scheme?

MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

Our colour scheme is lilac and green, with a bit of pink.

Weve found invites we like which are actually translucent, but they have backing cards, similar to this


We want a more interesting backing card though, and OH has said he wants a starry night sky/galaxy sort of thing like this


I think it will look really nice, but it doesnt really go with the rest of the wedding, and Ive heard that invites should show the colour scheme so nobody turns up looking like a bridesmaid!

But I do want to let OH have this if he likes it, he hardly ever shows an interest so when he does I think he should be indulged.

I already have bridesmaid dresses but now Im tempted to change the colour scheme to suit the invites 😩


  • MrsCFMrsCF Posts: 155

    Mrs Johnston I really like it! as for should invites match the colour scheme... ours didn't per se. We are having a Gatsby theme and so it has been designed in that style but in a matte grey. Our colour scheme is navy blue, silver and white so we just tied a navy blue ribbon around it.

    I think as long as it shows you as a couple, that's the most important😃

  • MrsG2bxxMrsG2bxx Posts: 868

    I have been to weddings where there was a set theme from start to finish and the invites were the same colour as the BM dresses & decor etc....and I personally go by the invites as a hint to which colour not to wear so as not to clash with a bridesmaid.

    However, I have been to weddings where there has been an invite in a colour or certain style and gave no hints to the colour scheme or theme of the day, the bride and groom just loved the invites so had them, the invites didn't represent their wedding in any way other than the invites made them happy so they chose them?!

    I am sending my invites out in my colour scheme but I'm not sure people will know that it is my colour colour is pale / icy blue, so I have had a few people that have seen bits around my house make comments like, 'ahhh is this your something blue' and they haven't actually realised that my BM dresses and décor is ivory and blue!? I may have people turn up in pale blue outfits but I don't really mind!

    I think its lovely when the guys have ideas and become passionate about something they want, I feel the same as you and when he shows an interest I really try to incorporate it or make changes so that he can have it as it must be important to him! I don't think there are any set rules these days, you should just have and do what makes you both happy! xxx




  • They say that invites are to show the colour scheme so people know what to expect. Having said that people have ignored that for my wedding. 

    I'm having blue. My bm are in a bright blue. My mum is wearing navy which is fine as is fmil, however fsil is wearing a dress the same colour as bms which has annoyed me but I've not said anything to her and my sister is wearing navy. 

    Since the months have gone by I don't actually care anymore. I have strongly said not white dresses though. 

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    If I got an invite that was trimmed in purple, had purple jewels on it and was in a purple envelope, then I probably would assume the colour scheme was purple! But I don't think in any way that the invites have to match the colour scheme. Mine don't, they are lilac and hot pink when my colours are soft pastels! So just have whatever you want. If people are really concerned about what colour the bridesmaids will be wearing they can ask you.

  • Sophie177Sophie177 Posts: 190

    i had absolutely no idea that invites were supposed to show the colour scheme to alert people what colours to avoid??!!!  naive maybe, but so long as no one is in a big white dress with tonnes of petticoats underneath i really couldnt care what colour any of the guests wear!  :)

  • Lexi90Lexi90 Posts: 971

    Personally I would never link the bridesmaid colour to an invite. Some people have a clear colour theme but others don't! Personally I would just go for the invite you love! 

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    I honestly don't think it matters. We had navy blue bridesmaids dresses with ivory/blush flowers and our invites were a mix of pastel colours - pinks, blues and greens. The invite was shabby chic style which went with our general theme but the colours in no way matched. We chose the invites as we liked them.

    I have never received an invite and thought 'oh I can't wear that colour as the BM will be'. My husband's cousin is getting married next month and their invites were black and gold  - turns out the colour theme is red so in no way related!!

  • Kim90Kim90 Posts: 183

    I suppose they hint the style,cost,colour scheme of the wedding...but they in no way have to match.

    when I get an invite I never think I should go or not go for certain colour schemes etc to suit the invite

    go with what you like! Your wedding!

  • Helen225Helen225 Posts: 861 New bride

    As a guest, if I was that bothered about avoiding the bridesmaids colours, I'd ask and not just assume from the invite colour. And if I wasn't bothered, then the colour of the invite wouldn't stop me wearing that colour. 

  • MichBee2BMichBee2B Posts: 726

    Our invites will match one of our colours but not the other.

    funnily enough we're designing very similar invites! We have decided to print the overlay in our colour lavender, and then the backing card will be black and white (which will be a bit faded so as to not be too dark). (We're hoping to take a photo of us underneath our venue's dinosaur to use, with dino the main focus.)

    Would something like this work for you? That way you have the style with the starry sky but with your colourscheme. Alternatively could you add some of your colour to the sky with the black and white?

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    I did suggest a more 'northern lights' sky with the greens and purplea but he really liked the image up there. Hes really into space and stuff and said its more like a galaxy than northern lights.

    I practised painting one for him and he didnt like it so he can get lost 😂 im looking at alternative ideas tbh, I do think the space thing looks cool but its a bit random. I was going to see about putting the city skyline at the bottom so it ties in a bit, and then have the writing in white which i think is the best bet for standing out.

  • MichBee2BMichBee2B Posts: 726

    Ha! Stick it on the "Things I'm vetoing" list in that case. I regularly have to point out all the things I'm conceding on when he gives me "it's all your choices" rant! 

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    Well he decided yesterday that he didnt actually want the space thing at all anyway. I showed him invite after invite and he said no to everything, to the point I had to ask him if he was doing it on purpose. In the end I had to suggest I took a leaf out of his book and just expected somebody else to plan the wedding and all I had to do was choose an outfit and show up on the day!

    He really stressed me out, and hes been the same with the cake and music too, so now Im just going to follow his advise and 'do whatever' without asking his opinion 😒

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    Well, if he doesn't care then you can just have the invites however you want I guess? But I agree it's really annoying! Especially as men have a habit of claiming they have no opinion, and then when the finished product arrives they start complaining that they would have done it differentley!

    I do really like the design you have posted. Could you have the background image of your wedding venue on the backing card?

  • Invites were my hubbys fave thing (being a graphic designer not suprising) so much so he opened up his own business @bigdayprint


    We used our theme from our engagement party right through to our big day... We had a film theme and used our colours in the designs


    Heres a pic of our invites that he did ... Everything is bespoke and guests loved it


  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    The bits and pieces have started to arrive today for me to make them. Im sticking to my own ideas, he knows and accepts this. it seems were having a 'dont tell the groom' wedding. He also doesnt want any input on decorations or anything, so Im just going to have whatever i want and if he doesnt like it on the day then thats just too bad 😂

    So Im doing watercolour ombre wash as the backing cards, and white lettering on the sheer paper. I have some pearly envelopes, and I make stick a few pearls or gems on the sheer paper too at strategic points.

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