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Hi all,


Myself and my Fiance had a free engagement shoot with the photographer we met at our Venue's open day. We're going to see the shots tomorrow and talk about him being part of the big day.


However, I have no idea what sort of questions to ask, and what I should expect to be included in the price.


Also, the price starts at £1995 which sounds very expensive - is it?  I was hoping to spend half that - we really don't want too many 'posed' shots, and want mainly fly on the wall etc.


Any advice (or recommendations for photographers!) greatly received!





  • My photographer is £2350 for 10 hours of 2 photographers, an engagement shoot, all our photos and an album. i think that's at the top of the price range because she's a fine art photographer. Her cheaper package of just 8 hours on the day (2 photographers) and all your photos is around £1800 I think. Hope that's useful. 

  • Hi Sharon, 

    It depends whether you think it's worth it or not.  Some photographers charge double what others do and don't provide any better quality/service.  If you can afford it and you like their style then it doesn't matter whether other people deem them to be 'expensive' or not.  For what it's worth though, you could definitely get it cheaper so I wouldn't just settle with this one before looking at any others.

    If you are looking to spend less then perhaps consider looking further afield?  For example, I'm based in South Wales where suppliers are generally cheaper and would happily travel anywhere in the UK.  I'm also fairly new (been doing weddings on my own for a year) so my prices also reflect this.

    With regards to questions:

    - What are their exact prices and what do they include (hours of coverage, no. of images, reproduction rights to print etc) 

    - What is their style (ask to see some albums etc)

    - Are you able to upgrade packages (e.g. purchase an album) at a later date 

    - Will they want feeding?

    - When will you get your images?

    - Are you able to direct them, provide shot lists etc? Some photographers insist on being completely 'reportage'  and will refuse to do any group/posed shots whatsoever (usually the ones that charge a fortune!).  I know you say you don't want many, but this will still make a difference.

    If a photographer says 'from' in their price, that usually means that the price is for a digital only package.  However at 2k I would expect this to be all day coverage, several hundred images presented on a USB with full reproduction rights as a bare minimum (incidentally I charge £650 for this)

    Good luck and I hope you love the photos from your engagement session 



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