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Paper or real petal confetti for best photo?

MrsDtoBMrsDtoB Posts: 100

Hi fellow brides! 

Im struggling to decide what type of confetti to buy so hoping to get your opinions and experiences. My main aim of having confetti is to get the confetti photo so I'd like to buy whichever type gives the best picture. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

i definitely want it to be biodegradable and had original thought I'd get real petals until I went to a wedding where they used paper petals which looked great for the photo. They only had the bridesmaid surround them and throw large handfuls of the big paper confetti whilst the photographers snapped away and it looked like they would get some great confetti pics. So now I'm wondering whether to do this instead. 

Im undecided on whether to supply confetti to a larger number of guests or just enough immediate family to throw for the picture and also what confetti will fall the best and give the best picture.

help please!

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