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Hi All,


I was just looking for some suggestions for entertainment ideas.


I have gone off the idea of a photo booth and a magician but not sure what else I could do?


We have colouring and I Spy for the children but not sure what to do for the adults?

Any advise?


Thank you! x


  • Are you looking for entertainment during the day do or the night do? We've moved away from the photo booth chiefly because most of our guests spend their weekends dressing up in daft costume already (we know a lot of historical reenactors and cosplayers etc) but our photographer is offering professional portraits durng the night do.

    What put you off magicians?

  • We are having a caricaturist in the day. We went to a tasting evening at our venue and he was there. Everyone loved it. X

  • NozomiNozomi Posts: 161

    Garden games if you have outside space? we're having a couple of Wii set up so people can play if they don't want to dance too. 

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    I dont see what all the fuss is about with photo booths really, OH has mentioned one but Im not keen.

    Were having a magician who is an old work friend of OH, hes won awards for his magic so im hoping hell be good, downside is he has a tarantula that he uses for some tricks 😱

    The only other thing I can think of is I saw a company that rented out casino tables. OH and his mates are always at the casino so I thought hed like it but he said no.

    Or people have mentioned setting up a gaming station but tbh the men spend enough time absorbed in their consoles without being on it at the wedding too!

    I once saw a fire dancers but doubt many venues would allow them.


    I do think though that its best not to have too much, most people go to weddings to have a drink and a dance, so as long as theres alcohol and music, and maybe a few bits on the tables for non dancers thats all thats really needed.

    Were just hoping the magician will fill the gap between evening guests arriving and them being drunk enough to brave the dancefloor.

  • Thanks everyone!

    We are looking for entertainment for the hour or so between finishing food and our evening guests arriving which will then continue into the evening. To be honest I think I have been put off a magician simply because if we are having entertainment we would need to fill the room in which our evening food will be provided etc and all the magicians I have seen seem to float around the tables?

    I had thought about a carceturists although I'm not sure if this would pull people away for too long?

    Again in reference to garden games, we do have the outside space available but it is quite a way away from our evening room?

    I currently work part time for a photo booth so to be honest that's the last thing I want.

    Any more ideas?


  • Emily54Emily54 Posts: 266 New bride

    we had casino tables which went down a storm and the dreaded photo booth. Which was so much fun but I know aren't everyones cup of tea. 

    I have also been to a wedding which had a rodeo bull. Which was really cool! But not indoors as you wanted X 

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