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Hi everyone,

Hoping someone can help me as I am currently sinking into a deep pit of terrible out of date wedding videos on google :(

I'm getting married in April next year in Essex and am currently on the search for a videographer who isn't astronomically expensive - ideally not much more than £1000, preferably closer to the £800 mark. I just can't seem to find the perfect one with everything I want.

I really like the more cinematic films with speech over the top blended in with the music - and I mean an actual song, not cheesy instrumental lift music! I'm not fussed on having all the bridal prep filmed, maybe just the tail end of it and then up until the first dance. 

I would also really like to have some sort of pre-wedding consultation to go through more what will happen on the day. I think this is important to also feel comfortable with trusting someone who it doing something very very important. Photographers seem to offer this, yet when I mention it to a few videographers I have found they haven't been very forthcoming with the idea. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



  • MrsDtoBMrsDtoB Posts: 100

    Hi Megan52

    We are getting married in Essex in October and have booked Simply Wedding Movies for our videography. They are recommended by our venue and I think they are reasonably priced. They both (husband and wife team) seem really nice too. We made ours a bit cheaper by just having one videographer rather than too so that something you can look into depending on the length of coverage you want.

    Prices are on their website but I like looking at their facebook page and watching videos of weddings they have done recently. That really helped me make a decision.

  • Hi - we have booked Irene Piera for ours in September, she isn't based in Essex but she is travelling to Epping for our wedding. 

    We are meeting her tonight actually for a pre wedding meeting which she suggested and is traveling to London for - so amazing! Also we had a long skype with her before we booked so we feel super comfortable :) 

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