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Wedding breakfast - what are you having?

NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,654 New bride

You may have seen my rant on my planning thread about our suggested wedding breakfast and my mum's response. It's been bugging me since and now I'm wondering whether we should change the menu. There doesn't seem to be a lot of suggestions for a chicken main course with our caterers although they can do pretty much whatever we ask. I'm not entirely bothered about having a chicken main course but we thought it would please the most people. Now Im thinking screw what everyone else thinks and just have what we like. 

If you're having a 3 course sit down meal, what food have you decided on? Are you pleasing the masses or pleasing yourself? 


  • MrsMac2b3MrsMac2b3 Posts: 110

    Our venue is well renowned for its award winning food but we are keeping it simple - soup to start, chicken main and then a fruit based desert like Pavlova. There are also veggie option and Gluten Free. I think this suits most of our guests better and it's also would we would prefer - I honestly don't think I will be up for eating much on the day anyway. We do have options for fish starters, steak / lamb / venison mains and fancier deserts but there's a bigger risk with people not liking them I feel. Evening buffet will be breakfast rolls.

    ive never been to a wedding where I've hated the food or I've thought it was outstanding personally, most guests will eat what they're given because they'll be hungry. No one in their right mind would dare complain to the married couple if they didn't like it.

    In all honesty, it's not the most important part of the day for us at all, so if people don't eat? It's them that'll go hungry!

    its your day, do what you and your partner want xo

  • Sophie177Sophie177 Posts: 190

    We're going a bit retro for the starter, Posh Prawn Cocktail, main is braised beef, and pud is lemon posset with fresh raspberries.  Its our wedding, thats what we wanted, they can have the veggie option if they want , or they can go hungry!  We nearly bowed to pressure, then then we said, No, its OUR day! xx 


  • Have what you want for sure!!! We are lucky as we can choose 3 starters/mains/desserts and guests can decide before the day what they want butttttt we are deciding the options based on what WE want to eat lol... its in Italy so we have a starter buffet of meats/cheeses etc then pasta/risotto course, meat course, then dessert

    We are having lots of fun coming up with food ideas before our tasting- fave ideas atm are:

    seafood risotto

    chilli prawn linguine

    Butternut squash and sage ravioli in white sauce

    pasta with duck ragout 



    suckling pig

    Local fish


    (All probably served with some sort of rustic potatoes and veg)




    raspberry panns cotta


    😄 lots more ideas too... I don't eat fish but OH loves it and our favourite meats are lamb and pork... We think chicken is boring so it's not an option! Go with what you want, your menu is a reflection of your personalities 😄 Xx




  • MrsE2016MrsE2016 Posts: 1,210 New bride

    We're having:

    Starter - Antipasti sharing plates on the tables

    Main Course - Choice of Chicken wrapped in Parma Ham or Lamb Shank with a Red Wine Jus, both served with seasonal vegetables and dauphinoise potatoes

    Dessert - Choice of Lemon Tart or Chocolate Trio (my favourite!)

    We chose what we liked - after all its our day & we've had no complaints on our choices!

  • SeptemberBride16 wrote (see post):

    We're having:

    Starter - Antipasti sharing plates on the tables

    Main Course - Choice of Chicken wrapped in Parma Ham or Lamb Shank with a Red Wine Jus, both served with seasonal vegetables and dauphinoise potatoes

    Dessert - Choice of Lemon Tart or Chocolate Trio (my favourite!)

    We chose what we liked - after all its our day & we've had no complaints on our choices!

    Ooooh this all sounds delicious and quite similar to our menu! We are having:

    Starter - Antipasti sharing platter or individual vegetarian platter

    Main - Fillet of beef with red wine jus and dauphinoise potatoes, or cod with buttery mash and chorizo or individual creamy veg pie with baby potatoes. We're also having bowls of sides in the middle of the table

    Dessert - we're having a buffet dessert table with lots of yummy desserts including our wedding cake. I've actually forgotten which desserts we chose!

    Hope that helps :) x

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    I havent decided yet but Im considering things, there are going to be 7 muslims there so that rules out any pork, I think chicken is so dull I want to avoid that, I cant stand fish, and I only like beef when its still red and most people seem to disagree with me there, so Im probably going with lamb. I do love lamb but its most expensive choice!

    Starter will be something most people like such as soup. I like soup, ideally would choose a prawn cocktail but Im ordering for everyone not just myself, and lots dont like prawn cocktail, boo hiss! Soup with a warm roll is lovely however so Ill go with that.

    For dessert the options are all fancy things like quivering little creme brulees 😷 So Ive asked to break the rules and have either chocolate fudge cake or pavlova, both if which are amazing.

  • MrsDee7MrsDee7 Posts: 272 New bride

    We are actually having a barbecue because we wanted a more casual feel. I haven't seen your original post, but if its a question of pleasing yourself or pleasing the masses, ask yourself WHO this day is about!


    I would echo MrsMac's sentiment that people will pretty much always eat the food regardless of what it is, and really the quality tends to be noted much more often that what the actual dish is!


    Good luck with your plans!



  • I haven't decided, but we will definitely be choosing for us, not everyone else, which will annoy my mother so much! The only thing I know so far is definitely not soup. I love soup but I'm so clumsy, I would definitely end up with it all down my dress!

  • Emma236Emma236 Posts: 215

    Regardless of what you pick for your meal, you won't please everyone there and it is YOUR day so I say just please yourselves- that's exactly what we did.

    I'm a total foodie through and through and there is nothing that I won't eat so we decided to go with our favourites from the options we were given.  The hotel is renowned for the food so I knew that everything would be amazing.  For starters, we had a tian of west coast crab.  Main was a rare sirlion of beef with dauphinoise potates, seasonal veg and Yorkshire pudding (little ode to my Dad as that is his absolute favourite) and dessert was an apple tarte tatin. 

    Even if a few people don't like your choices, trust me, there are always a couple of guys at weddings who are more than happy to finish off any untouched plates too!   At my friend's wedding last year, I polished off 10 oysters and as nobody on the table would eat theirs, would have been a shame to let them go to waste when they ordered them in specially.   That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!


  • Sarah398Sarah398 Posts: 266

    I recently got married & we had chosen the meal options which suited us.

    We ended up having:

    Trio of Melon with raspberry jus starter.

    Duck main with dauphinoise potatoes.

    Chocolate brownie & salted caramel ice cream dessert.

    We also had a mushroom, spinach & cheese pie for the veggies.

    Because we chose Duck for the main course some fussy people chose to have the veggie option (I knew who they would be & asked them in advance if they wanted the duck or the veggie option), we also had a Muslim attending and they had the veggie option.  One of our veggies didn't like mushrooms!!! so she went hungry until the buffet, but agrees she is quite a fussy eater.

    We had a relative come up to us after the meal and praise us for choosing a 'risky' main course, saying he loved it & had been to so many other weddings where they had been given chicken as the main & thought the duck was great.

    All in all, what I am trying to say, like others have, is that you will not please everyone, so I would say please yourself xoxo

  • Zoe1234Zoe1234 Posts: 142

    We had our tasting earlier this week and chose the meals that we preferred ourselves. We are having:

    Starter - BBQ pulled pork belly with quails egg

    Main - Lamb

    dessert - apple crumble.

    (we also have a veggie option for our veggie guests)

    My Mum and Step-Dad were at the tasting with us but we were lucky as they gave their opinions about things but kept repeating that we should have our favourites as its our day.

    There is always going to be someone that doesnt like something, but i think most people would just leave it and keep that fact to themselves!


  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    Im not sure what your options are Nikki, But I think some people go for exactly what they want to eat and others are keener that most people like (and eat!) their food. I would be pretty pissed off if looked out and saw loads of left over food I had spent a fortune on. You know your guests it they are pretty foodie and adventurous go abit more exotic but if they prefer the more simple things, be mindfiul of that.


    Maybe you could go a bit more out there on the starter and pudding and play it safe on the main or vice versa? so at least you have a good chance of everyone liking something at some point.

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    This thread is making me hungry.

    We haven't had our tasting yet so the menu isn't confirmed, but they do a tempura tiger prawn canape and I have asked if we can have that as the starter! It's probably one of my fave things to eat ever so thats 'my' course lol. H2B adores chocolate so despite the tuts and 'I don't like chocolate desserts' from my mother we will probably go with a choc based dessert. It wouldn't be 'us' to go with a fruit dessert! Main course we aren't sure on yet- from the venue's menus we like the 'brasied featherblade of beef with risotto'. There are some amazing lamb options but they carry an up-charge so will probably go for a 'free' option (if you can call the 5 grand they're already have off us free)!

    So prawns, beef and chocolate- and screw what anyone else thinks You could go for soup, plain chicken and a fruit plate and still someone wouldn't like it, so why play it safe? Go for what you like as a couple! The trickiest one for us will be the veggie option as we have a fair few of them, and my sister is one and also super fussy. I'm not pandering to every guest but I do want my sister to be able to eat as she's diabetic so it's important she gets fed (yep, veggie, fussy and diabetic- not difficult at all!).

  • Emma325Emma325 Posts: 95

    Our venue charges different amounts for each food choice and because we have 80 guests we are trying to choose cheaper options rather then being extravagant. We wasn't going to do this but when you work how much the add on works on the overall cost it works out quite expensive. And if we really wanted steak or lamb we could have it another night. Not sure if this is the right way to look at it though. 

    Starters: Soup - however is it rude for me to order something like Pate just because i don't want to risk getting soup down my dress. My partner only likes soup for starters or bruschetta which they don't offer so this is not a cost reason.

    Main: Chicken wrapped in Bacon with roasted potatoes and season veg. I was thinking of doing lamb or beef but it costs an extra £10 pp which puts the whole cost up £800. 

    Dessert: Crumble 

    Planning to have a BBQ in the evening. 

  • We had to choose 3 choices from each course, so we chose one I liked, one he liked and a veggie option.  We have:

    Pate, melon and parma ham or willd mushrooms in a cheddar basket.

    Roast chicken, roast pork or nut roast.

    Cheesecake, chocolate cake or fruits and cream.

  • We're having a 4 course sit down (it was going to be 5 but as we decided that a lot of people don't like desserts then it can be offered as part of the evening buffet). Our style of food is Italian... We are providing 3 options for each course (meat, vegi, gluten free). Our main meat is pork as all round it is very cost effective

  • Dora3Dora3 Posts: 1,218 New bride

    We have picked our me he based on what WE like but also can't really go wrong with our choices. 

    Starter is soup

    main is Steal and Cornish Ale pie OR chicken and leek pie with mash and roasted veg. And a jus too of course lol. 

    Dessert was H2Bs choice. I'm not a huge dessert person where as he loves them. So we are having triple chocolate cheesecake. 

    We aren't given our guests much choice, but you cant go wrong with pie and mash hey? They can pick the pie they want but that's the only bit lol. My sister isnt a huge fan of mash but I've told her she can suck it up 😂 

    worrying about spelling tomato soup over my dress though ... May ask for a straw with mine 😂

    Pick what you want. It's your day after all 

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    My H2B and I are massive foodies and eat out in London all the time so this was one of the areas of our wedding which was budget priority. For this reason we are just going for what we want and couldn't care less if people don't like it. We are providing a choice for the main course since our choice is fairly risky but it will still be something a little more interesting. 

    Our venue doesn't have a manu to choose from, we design our own completely bespoke dishes from scratch and choose every single element going on the plates. We haven't quite decided yet but our ideas so far are:

    Canapes - Spanish style croquetas in a variety of flavours

    Starter - Scallop stacks with chorizo and black pudding, served with pea puree and pea shoots.

    Main - Roast Loin of Venison served rare with a venison jus, served with mash potato, honey glazed heritage carrots and braised red cabbage. 

    Dessert - Trio of desserts - chocolate pave, creme brulee and lemon cheesecake.

    Evening hog roast with stuffing.

  • Ours is 5 courses lol. I'm going to be so full! 

    starter: ham hock terrine

    amuse bouche: pea & mint soup

    palette cleanser: lemon sorbet

    main: fillet of beef

    Assiste of miniture desserts: vanilla cheesecake, chocolate marquise, lemon posset & eton neaton (a layered eton mess lol)


    i did did stress a little over the main as it will be served pink and I know my parents like there steak burnt lol. I took my parents for a meal and I had a medium steak, told my mum to try it and she actually liked it. So win win there. 

    I have 4 guests that will have to have vegetarian due to religious reasons, so I tailored the veggie option to something that they would eat. 

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,654 New bride

    It's nice to see so many different menus. Makes me realise we don't need to stick to the safe menu we had originally decided on and should just go with whatever we like the most. Trouble is I'm now looking at the menus and not liking anything and there is so much choice. I never thought the food would be the most difficult part of the wedding. I love eating!! This should be a doddle! 

    I'm now looking at lots of menus at different wedding venues for some inspiration. Our venue will cook anything we want but suddenly I don't even know what I like anymore. I think sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing.

  • Annie12Annie12 Posts: 86

    Tomato soup or tian of crab and prawns

    chicken in bacon, stuffed with yard cheese and carmelised onion jus or hake with a mussel and fennel sauce

    baileys choc cheesecake or eton mess



    pork baguettes, salad, Cornish pastys and choc brownies as evening buffett

  • MichBee2BMichBee2B Posts: 726

    We have been thinking about this for a while. We won't be able to have guests choose, and as the cost of each dish varies I wouldn't want to do this anyway.

    Current starter choice - ham hock terrine with piccalilli (my choice as Andy doesn't like the sound of any of the starters)

    Main - now we would like beef. However we've already had my dad complain that's not fair for mum who doesn't often eat red meat (she's not fussed if we do have it!), and we have a friend who doesn't eat red meat by preference and another for religious reasons who both wouldn't choose the veggie option. So beef is out. Andy isn't massively keen on lamb, and I don't want pork if we're having ham starter. Which leaves chicken or duck. Duck may be out as I have a few fussy people coming so it looks like chicken will be the end result. Which tbh I desperately wanted to avoid if possible, but there you go. At least one of the fussy eaters will 100% come and tell me exactly what they didn't like.

    Dessert - earl grey panna cotta with mini Eccles cakes. This is our tip top choice! Panna cotta is Andy's fave and Eccles cakes are a full on family favourite for us too, so we don't particularly care whether anyone else likes it. We figured dessert was less important than a main for satisfying people.

    We're not decided on the veggie option yet as we'd like to get the opinions of our four veggies, as they're the ones who have to eat it! We also have a vegan coming, but none of the veggie options are vegan so I'll need to speak to the venue about that.

    Evening food is bacon rolls or quorn sausage. 

    Pl our awesome cake of course! 

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