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Hello. I'm thinking of having invitations made with an RSVP which also lets people give their menu choices. I know many of you ladies have made your own beautiful invites, I'm just not that creative and would rather let someone else do the hard work. it's a small wedding so I only need a maximum of 25 invites. If they can print the recipients name on all the better. (I don't have an issue with this but H2B thinks it'll look odd writing names on?! I want names on so people know exactly who's invited and we don't end up with unexpected guests, unlikely but not impossible).

I would probably get a table plan and place cards done at the same time. Can anyone recommend anywhere please? I've looked at a few online places but struggled to get the menu choices to work, I'm not that savvy with technology. 

Thank you in advance.




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    Im exactly the same.. not a creative bone in my body! We also wanted menu choice cards and that to the on the RSVP as well. We are having a Gatsby 1920s glam Hollywood theme but not in the traditional colours. I couldn't find anything.

    We got everything from an online store called Dilly&Dilly. She designed our invites in our colours, did our RSVPs and will be doing table names and table seating plan cards nearer the time. Didn't get the names printed, we wrote them ourselves but I don't see why you couldnt get it done that way.

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    Thank you MrsF2017, I'll take a look. I'm loving the sound of your wedding, it sounds very glamorous.

    Are you thinking of a vintage style dress? I've been looking longingly at some of Eliza Jane Howell's dresses.

    Thank you again.

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    We got our invites from Linvitations on Etsy. She was great and can customise the invites according to what you want.

    We had the names printed on our invites to make it clear who is invited and I have still received RSVPs with extra names on! So I think it would be a good idea to print the names on the RSVP instead. 

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    TC I tried on some gorgeous Gatsby style dresses... and none of them suited me! So I've chosen my dress ❤ and am going with a 1920s style head piece 😃

    Really should start a planning thread.

    Also echo Mrs D to B, etsy is amazing for all invites etc.. guess it depends on what you want!

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    Im making my own but Im not writing or printing names on the invites themselves, just the envelope. Would this work? It might make it easier.

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    Hi TC2017,

    I just read your post above and wanted to reply to you. I'm a long time cardmaker and I am passionate in what I do. I'm very fussy, have attention to detail, am critical of my work and am a perfectionist. I have been wanting to get into "Wedding Stationery" for a long time and that opportunity has now arrived.

    I've been married for just over two years and did all my own wedding stationery which I really enjoyed doing. If you're willing to give me a "shot" and would like to chat about me creating your Wedding stationery for your perfect day, please do not hesitate to contact me as I am very willing to work with you to your budget, colour scheme and vision and ideas. I look forward to hearing from you soon :)



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    Thanks MrsDtoB, I'm not sure how I'd approach it if I had extra names on the RSVP's! I'll check Etsy out.

    MrsF2017 there are some gorgeous hair pieces around, I'm sure you'll look amazing.

    MrsJohnstontoBe we did names on the envelope for Save the Dates, think we might need to be more specific for the formal invites, his mum has a habit of inviting people to things, she loves a party and would invite everybody to one she's hosting and just assumes everyone else does the same 😂. 

    Good luck with your business venture babybluegirl. 

    Thanks for your replies.

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