Casino Table??

Hi Everyone,

We have been to many weddings now with selfie mirrors and photo booths, and they are just not us although we know guests love them!

We are trying to think of something else and wondered about a casino table - what do you think? Anyone had one?

My worry is we are also having a band, and didn't want to lose people from the dance floor flocking to the table

Thanks in advance xx


  • Emily54Emily54 Posts: 266 New bride

    We had them and they went down a storm! We had them

    from 6pm-10pm so guests could play after their meal and have an hour before the evening guests came. We didn't expect people to really dance before 10pm so that wasn't a problem for us. We used an amazing company called Andy Smith presents who I can highly recommend. they even came upstairs to give all of our guests money to exchange for chips so we didn't have to do it. We have all the evening guests money as we greeted them. We got some amazing photos of guests playing! We also did a prize for highest woman and highest man which the casino people sorted out the winners for us and got the D.j to announce. Some how my 8 year old nephew managed to win highest woman?! 😂 

    Hope this helps xx

  • Over the years;  casino tables, chocolate fountains, magicians, dances, photo booths - I have seen them all.   The cold reality is that guests just want; good food, drink and a good band.  Keeping it simple is actually the way to go.  Wedding couples worry that they are not doing enough but believe me simple is best. 

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