Help, secrets from the groom!


I am keeping secrets from the groom (and not the salacious ones!)

We are marrying in December of this year. I have booked Silver Service Singers, a bird of prey as the ring barer (Flying the Knot) and an Artelocke topper for the cake. I want it to be as exciting for him as possible!  Just need to feel reassured that other people have used these services and have had good results........




  • SquirrelSquirrel Posts: 102

    Bird of prey ring bearer is amazing! I wanted one but it was putting us over budget too much so I'm having a toy one carried by my flower girl instead! Sounds good, but I've found that my oh is happiest knowing what is going to happen on the day so he's not nervous and feels part of the planning too. Depends on your oh though, if he likes surprises it will be awesome. At least you've booked nice surprises!

  • MrsH12MrsH12 Posts: 534 New bride

    I can't help with the suppliers but we had an owl deliver our wedding rings and it was amazing! I booked a surprise ice-cream cart for Hubby and he loved it. He thought it was great something had been booked specifically with him in mind :) 


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