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Hi guys, hoping you can help me, i might be being a bit thick but . . . 

We are starting to look for our caterer, i have emailed one place who seem good and have come recommended from the venue, after a couple of emails they have basically said yes they could work with our venue (no kitchen) and 'we can pretty much do what ever you require' which is great except we don't know what this is lol. 

So, we are a bit unsure of what the next steps are having never done this before. Is it best to book a meeting to go and see them to talk through what we could do? We also want to look at other caterers to make the right choice etc so don't want to get too far into the planning aspect with each one but what do we need to know before we make our decision?

Thanks x


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    They should send you sample menus and packages so you get an idea of what they do. If you tell them how many guests they can give you a Quote. I would get a few separate quotes, look At reviews and then make a decision

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    There are a couple of sample menus on the website with prices, but they aren't quite what we would want, no-one seems to have quite what we want but they all say they are 'bespoke' and would make a menu to our requirements, which is great but that just makes it harder to know which caterer would be best / offer best price for what we want, if that makes sense. Its just such a big part of the day and the budget and i don't want to make the wrong choice i guess. Do we perhaps need to get more of an idea of what we want so that we can be more specific to the caterers?

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    Yes or you could tell them how much you can spend per head and let them tell you what matches your budget.

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    Yeah I would say if you are having a bespoke menu, you actually need to know what it is before you can expect to get an idea on prices. But then most caterers will allow you to change your menu up until a certain point before the wedding so if you change your minds it shouldn't be a problem except that the price may change. 

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    I think if you put together a vague idea of dishes that you would want then they should be able to give you an approximate cost. E.g chicken will be cheaper than lamb/duck. I would also accompany your requirement with an approximate cost of what you were hoping to pay.

    With my caterer I chose a menu and then changed the meat for one thing so it went up by £1 per head, I imagine most caterers would work like this for you. 

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    Thanks all, we shall have to get our thinking caps on this weekend and narrow the field a bit :)

    We like the idea of a 'family style' / sharing platter meal where one dish is placed in the middle of the table for people to help themselves. Practically this would work well in our venue plus its a little bit different. 

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    Have a think about how formal you'd like it. Do you want silver service, people having to chose from a menu first, right through to help yourself on the day. This will then probably drive discussions around what type of food. 

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