Wedding Cake Options

Hi Everyone,


We had initially planned to have a naked wedding cake which we would serve as part of our wedding breakfast.


However, we have overspent in every area so far and something needs to give. 


I understand it would be more cost effective to have a single cake for us to cut and then cupcakes, but do you think it would be ok to serve cupcakes as a wedding desert?? We had thought with the naked caked we would also then have cream and fresh fruit, which probably wouldn't work so much with cupcakes??
What are you thoughts? Or any other ideas??

Many thanks xx


  • We re having porfiteroles as part of our wedding breakfast then Krispy Kreme doughnuts instead of a wedding cake. Then a sweets table instead of having a Buffet. 

    I think  cupcakes is good as a dessert.

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    Have you shopped around for quotes? I would be surprised if a naked wedding cake is that much more then cupcakes as if you think about the work that would go into making them all individually and then icing them it just wouldn't make sense for it to be cheaper and I imagine it is more time consuming to make cupcakes. The only reason I can imagine it would be more is if prices are elevated due to naked cakes being very popular at the moment. 

    There is another thread on here about wedding cake costs and lots of brides have found that cake prices vary hugely from one supplier to another so I would suggest getting a good few quotes for both options, if you haven't already. 

    Regarding dessert, I think a cupcake would be perfectly fine but do agree the fruit and cream would go more with the naked cake then the cupcake. And would be more appealing to me but that's just personal opinion and would be happy with either.

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