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Small wedding - too much?


I'm planning a smallish wedding - maximum 50 but maybe as few as 35 guests. It's a good 3 or 4 hours away so all guests will be day and night.

I want to not go crazy BUT at the same time want my guests to feel like they're being spoiled a little especially travelling so far! 

I also am excited by lots of things I want but not sure uf it's too OTT for a small wedding...

Eg for after the wedding meal I'd like casino tables for a couple of hours then a duo band / disco music in between sets. I want to make my own sweetie bar table too & have a Polaroid camera washing line instead of a guest book.

Marrying fairly early in the day as otherwise I've worked out timings & it seems rushed with casino plus band etc! Does mean quite expensive as need canapés /drinks, meal and buffet but better than starving guests!

Other decision I'm wary about is the acoustic band... is it too much if they play at ceremony and drinks/canapés & at night? Is that ok or overkill?!

So much to think about! 


  • It's your day, have it exactly how you want (and can afford)   Live music is amazing and sadly not many people are able to have it at weddings.  I wouldn't say that it's overkill, just make sure that they have enough material to play for that long as you don't want it to become samey.

    Don't worry what anyone else will think - as long as you and your spouse to be are happy, that's all that matters :) x

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  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    I think your ideas sound lovely and not too much at all. Go for it.

  • Thank you - it's nice to hear it's not too much from objective viewpoints! We both love music anyway so music is really important to us compared to wedding cake & flowers, e.g, guess we should have confidence in our convictions! And true, smaller wedding allows for a bit nicer stuff! Now just to actually pick the hotel for reception...!

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