Live Music (?)

Hi there

cant believe my wedding is less than 3 weeks away!!!    It might be silly and obviously also very short notice but.......we were at my friends wedding at the weekend and she had a band playing and it was fantastic.   now I want that!!  

We are having a small wedding (only 30 guests) staying for a whole weekend in a large house in Alnwick.    The gardens are really large and we are there all weekend - getting married on the Saturday at registry office followed by wedding breakfast at a hotel - so actually thinking about a band (if one was available) for the Friday night when everyone was in a good mood and getting ready for the wedding the next day - does this sound like a silly idea????

Have no idea if one would be available, but might google and see - also not sure of the price.

Anyway - be good to have anyone's thoughts on this.




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