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Save the dates... should I send now?

LinsxxLinsxx Posts: 19

Hey everyone

I have had a first attempt at designing my save the dates... what do you think?


Most, if not all of our Cyprus guests know all the details already but I still want to send something.  Is it too early?

I've made the colours quite neutral as I've not 100% confirmed my colour scheme yet, although I am thinking champagne!

Linsey xx


  • wed172Bwed172B Posts: 1,258

    I LOVE the design of these, can i ask how you made them? I think considering its a destination wedding its not too early as people will start to think about holidays for next year etc.

  • LinsxxLinsxx Posts: 19

    Thanks Wed172B!

    I used .  I've found it quite easy to use and they have really useful guides to help!

    Yeah, I think you're right, I should get them out soon!

  • Definitely fine to send them now. It's basically September, so that's 13 months out. I think the norm is 12 months for a wedding in the UK (I did 13) so no-one would think it's too early for a save-the-date for a wedding abroad. Also, they're super cute :)

  • LinsxxLinsxx Posts: 19

    Thanks FutureMrsWoolgrove!

    I'm enjoying your thread, you're so organised!!

  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    They look lovely, nice and simple so no problem if you want to change your theme, I don't think 13 months is too early either, Get em out!

  • They look lovely! 

    And I'd say the more notice you give to guests, the better! Chance to plan ahead & save etc!

  • Aww thank you Lins :) People keep saying I'm organised but I don't feel like I've got anything done yet! 

  • HOB2BHOB2B Posts: 12

    So pretty!!

    We just got our save the dates and are about to send them out for our Oct 2017 wedding, so go for it!

  • LinsxxLinsxx Posts: 19

    Thanks everyone.  I just need to finalise a few things on our website then I'll get them out!


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