Should BMs give anything to the Bride on the morning of the wedding?

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As the title says... The bride is extremely laid back, wanted a very simple hen with no hen attire. I don't believe there are any traditional wedding morning pyjamas being worn. i don't think she would expect anything... Should the BMs get her anything?? 


  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,352 New bride

    Only if you want to. Nothing will be expected, but you might like to get her a bride to be t shirt or dressing gown.

    It sounds like she might appreciate something like being brought breakfast in bed more than a gift as such.

  • I saw a really cute idea, which was collecting letters from the bride's loved ones for her to read on the morning of her wedding. Seemed really cute. 

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    I had the letter idea done for me and it really was a lovely touch!! The thing is... The wedding is Saturday, so I don't think I can get anything organised at such short notice - I know I know, BAD bridesmaid!!! However, there are another three and no one has done anything!!! I don't think she's the Bride tshirt kinda girl... I think breakfast in bed is spot on!!! Will contact the hotel! x

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    If I could offer an idea, one of my bridesmaids took loads of photos of the wedding day (without me knowing!), printed them off and popped them in a scrapbook for me. It's so lovely to have, especially as I don't have my official photos yet. 

    I certainly didn't expect anything on the morning of my wedding, but if you feel like you should get her something, I really loved this as a surprise after my honeymoon! x

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    When I was bridesmaid for my friend earlier this year me and the other bridesmaid brought her a memory box. It was personalised so had their names, date of wedding and the wedding venue was drawn on it. It was a beautiful gift and actually didn't cost a lot, only £25.00 We were too excited about giving it to her so we gave it to her the day before the wedding. She loved it and even too it to the wedding venue and had it on display for everyone to see. I'll add a pic of it here for you. obviously you haven't got time to order one now but for anyone else looking I really recommend this as a gift. 


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    Oh wow that's stunning!! What a great idea!! Maybe I should have thought about this earlier haha!! The scrapbook idea is brilliant! I might do a 'Getting Ready' scrap book... I've asked her husband to be if he will write her a little something to read on the morning... 

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    I don't think she'll expect anything, i would say breakfast in bed or maybe a bottle of champagne for you all would be a nice touch but a gift is not necessary.

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    I think you have time to organise letters, if you can get im contact with her favourite people? It only needs to be her h2b, bridesmaids and parents really? It wouldnt take them long to write and you could collect them tomorrow evening?

    If not a nice breakfast would be my favourite idea!

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    You could get champagne and some 'bride' champagne glasses or something like that? I'm sure she wont expect it, but it's always really nice. Or could you get some really nice bubble bath and things to use the night before?

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