Has anybody used a streed food van /caterer ??



i am just at the beginning of looking around what i really want etc... We will probably have a garden party type of wedding and i was looking around for catering to feed about 70-80 people... I am really taken to the idea to have a street food van...

i have emailed a few and only got one quote so far with comes in at 12.95£ a head for a mexican food van with would offer the choice of three mains (pulled pork burger,chicken taco and a veggi option) and one dessert (Churros with chocolate sauce)

my H2B isn't that keen on mexican food and is worried that most people might not like it..

has anybody got any other ideas and more importaintly quotes? I'm in Cheshire and its like pulling teeth!

thank you


  • wed172Bwed172B Posts: 1,258

    We are having a hot dog cart come for our evening food, we definitely want some king of street food or van just for something a bit different and fun.

    The mexican food sounds yummy, just my cuppa tea! I would say pulled pork isnt particularly spicy and so most people would be ok with that but he's right it won't be everyones choice, but thats the risk you take with any wedding food really, you will never please everyone but you also don't want anyone to feel like there's nothing they can eat! So i think you need to think about your guests and their tastes. 

    There seems to be pizza vans everywhere and that's a bit more universal? 

    You could also do some salads and side bits to add to either option pretty easily? you can make them yourself or you can order them from places like costco, M&S etc?

  • MrsCarnegieMrsCarnegie Posts: 504 New bride

    wed172B - Could I ask what company you're using for hot dogs? I'm having a bit of a deliberation over our evening food. Have you got a quote from them?

  • wed172Bwed172B Posts: 1,258

    Hi, no problem, there called Fat Annies based in leeds. They quoted us £8 per head for their deluxe menu which came with a choice of hot dogs and sides. They also had a simpler menu for £6 a head. 

  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 720

    I haven't used one either as a bride or guest (have at many festivals especially The Big Feastival) but not sure if the idea of queuing for food is fun especially when the weather isn't great. They are in the rise though and we have had some amazing and filling food (Buddha bowls and mac n cheese). In terms of flavour regardless of what and how you feed your guests there will always be some that don't like it spicy food like Mexican is good because it can be made mild and you whack up the heat with Chilli sauce and jalapeños.

    It would be interesting to see what guests think of these, as things like Pizzas are great but take about 10 minutes to make and serve, most guests shares a pizza this is 40 two in the oven at 1 time 20 that's 200 minutes to feed everyone 

  • We didn't want a traditional sit down meal, and I don't like people queuing for food either.  Our venue has suggested we server "large Canapé's & Fork food.  Basically we are going for Fish & Chips, Noodle Bar and Slider Burgers.  The venue staff will walk around with Fish & Chip Cones, Noodle Boxes and trays of deluxe burgers. We have catered for 3 portions per person, so basically you just grab what you fancy from the waitress.  The Venue catering people are organising this for us.


  • wed172Bwed172B Posts: 1,258

    It won't take 10 minutes per pizza, from the quotes i got the pizza only take a couple of minutes (depending on the company) so its much faster than quoted above, plus you can ask them to bring them to guests / serve them buffet style if thats what you would rather, and people dont have to queue they can just wait

  • Sarah1609Sarah1609 Posts: 80

    Thanks guys...

    i have been to weddings with a pizza oven and everyone was pleased with the food, once they had theirs... It probably didn't take 10 min to cook but definately more then 2 min and they had a lot of peiple to feed...

    i like the canape idea, but we would have to do and serve them ourself which my H2B is not keen on :-/ i have a look into the hot dog van, that sounds lovely and everybody loves sausages!! I might end up with two different vans but only if i ever get an answer to my emails !!

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    Morning! I'm new here, but have been reading all of the comments for ages and just stumbled upon this thread. 

    I've been looking into having street food at my wedding and my friend recommended this really cool website called www.feast-it.com where you can book LOADS of food vans for your wedding. There's a great selection.

    I haven't used them yet, but my friend heard of them when they were catering for her work summer party and said the food was awesome. 

  • Sara107Sara107 Posts: 85

    We are having a mobile fish and chip van for the evening catering.  They are serving fish, chips and mushy peas for about £9 per head which I think it really good value.

    People will have to queue but he is used to serving people quickly as he has a regular round in our local villages.

    As our wedding has a casual outdoors theme to the wedding we thought that this option was ideal.

    We are based in Leicestershire but there are lots of them advertised on the internet when you start looking.

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