Anyone tried on dresses in Wed2b?

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Hi everyone, I'd like to hear people's experiences of shopping in Wed2b - are the dresses good quality considering they are so cheap?

is the experience not great because of having to try on dresses at the same time as lots of other people? If anyone has bought their dress from here I'd love to see a photo!

im dress shopping for the first time this weekend, I have a few more appointments next week but I thought I'd start with wed2b because the prices are so cheap, and also I will have never experienced a private appointment at a bridal boutique so maybe best to do wed2b first?

Is it essential to wear a strapless bra to try dresses on? I don't own one!


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    I am so thankful to see this thread, as I am planning to try here tomorrow!

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    My dress was from Wed2Be and everyone told me how beautiful it was - you may not get the VIP treatment as much but I couldn't fault the service and to be able to buy and take your dress home! I didn't need any alterations luckily and a loop was sewn in to hold the train - here's a pic of me holding up my train whilst walking down - don't think it looked cheap either xxx


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    I went to the one in Southampton and ended up leaving unhappy! It may have been a one off but the staff didn't help me choose any dresses to try on so i picked a couple of the exact shape i didn't want. (they were in bags so it was hard to tell). They also put you in to the dress, they come into the changing room with you which I didnt expect and it was embarrassing. They said they had to for insurance purposes. I had to wait for ages and ages and didnt see anything that was a possibility and no staff were helping so I just left. 

    This may just have been my experience at that particular store with those particular staff, but all I can say is for me it wasn't good. 

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    I went to the one in Chelmsford, I think?! It was my first go at trying in a dress and I hated it! Not because there was anything wrong with the shop or the service I just felt stupid like a kid playing dress up. I wasn't overly impressed with the selection tbh, yes there were 100s of dresses but in reality it was actually about 20 dresses but lots of the same ones in the different sizes. The quality was fine and the staff were very helpful, i went on a Friday morning so it was pretty quiet just me and 1 other bride. So I think overall it was ok but I think you get a better selection of dresses at a bridal studio.

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    I went a few times to the one in Bromley : excellent service and choice of dresses. Loved it! 

    Would definitely recommend and hope you will find THE dress. 


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    I didn't buy my dress from there but I tried on some very lovely Ines which were almost the one! I really liked the experience they let you loose on the rails to pick the drmesses you want to try which I thought was great fun and there was no pressure you could look and chat at your own pace. I did have to wait a few minutes for a fitting room the first time but then you have an assistant who helps you into the dresses and the two ladies I dealt with were nice and helpful and didn't rush me etc the dresses definitely weren't cheap material or look any cheaper than dresses I tried in bridal shops

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    I went to the Southampton one and didn't think the service was great either so I think that may be an issue with that particular store. I went to the Gateshead Metrocentre one too and found the service there better.

    One weird thing in the Southampton one was that they made me wear a weird net thing over my face as I was putting the dresses on. I think it's to stop any make up transferring to the dress but I wasn't wearing any!

    It's definitely worth a try as some of the dresses are really nice as well as being affordable, but dont just settle for one because it's an ok price. If you find the one, great, but if you don't then keep looking. 

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    Oh and your question about bras, when I went to the Southampton store it was on a whim and I wasn't wearing a strapless bra. I think I just wore my normal bra without putting my arms through the straps and tucked the straps in. 

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    I've been to a couple, both in tha Midlands. I had reasonably good experiences in both; I preferred being left alone to browse, and then when I'd chosen ones to try on, a lady helped me get j to them and was very helpful. I didn't love any of the dresses (but neither did i in many of the boutiques) and they weren't the style I was going for, but it's  well worth going to have a look!!  I didn't wear strapless bra but that would probably help!

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    I went to one, we chose a selection online before going and turned up at opening time on a Saturday. We have them the list and they told us which they had in stock in my size and took me to help pull them. They took me straight into a changing room, which I thought were a good size and settled my guests on the seats outside. They helped me in and out of the gowns, pulled other gowns for me but to try that they thought might suit me and brought me belts and veils to try with dresses.

    I didn't get my gown there in the end, but the quality was good, maybe not quite boutique but good. I shopped in 4 boutiques and thought the experience there was surprisingly good by comparison, better than one boutique we went in.

    I'd recommend going in when they're not busy as they've got more time to give you a personal experience, by Saturday lunchtime they're busy and you are restricted to how many you can try on before getting back in the queue for a changing room.

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    I've been to the one in Brighton and enjoyed my visit. I've not been anywhere else yet to compare and I got lucky as the lady who was helping me mentioned it was very busy just before I got there and I managed to miss the rush.

    The lady came in the changing room with me but to be honest it didn't really bother me, I think it would have annoyed me more to try and get the dresses on by myself. I had to wear that face net thing too but I was wearing make up so it made sense, the lady also mentioned about germs etc too.

    As I was chatting to her I mentioned I was worried about getting stuck in dresses and she said they had to cut someone out once but they never make brides buy them. She also gave me lots of tips I would have never considered before.

    The other reason I like them is because they run a fortnightly competition to win a wedding dress and I'm on a budget so I'm trying my hardest to win.

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    I got my dress from their liverpool store. We went there just after they opened on a saturday morning so I was one of only two brides to be there, they left me to pick out 4 dresses and then took me to a changing room to help me put them on.

    I was glad to have help to get into them by someone who knew what they were doing as I have coordination problems. They were incredibly helpful and I didnt feel rushed at all, they helped me to realise that the dress I had imagined in my head was actually not what I wanted in reality and although the dress I fell in love with was the cheapest one at no point did I feel they tried to upsell anything to me. I feel you wouldn't know it was only £199 by looking at it. They also offered to give us a list of cheap places in north wales to get it altered. 

    The only drawback to their dresses are they are a bit on the long side but then i m 5 5' so i m not exactly tall.

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    I took h2b to the milton keynes branch we had so much fun!   There were not many dresses for me to try unforttnately only one rack, but the girls were anazing and the dresses were lovely some very good designers to.   


    I tried alsorts on on in different shapes and no strapless bra on.  

    Didnt buy that day but it gave me an idea of what suited me. 


    A very good company i think.  

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    Thanks everyone for your input!

    im going to go tomorrow morning when the shop opens so hopefully it won't be as busy. I don't own a strapless bra but hoping I'll be ok just tucking my straps down. 

    They've been really helpful so far, I've made a list of the dresses I like from their website and they've let me know which ones they have in stock in my size in the shop. Also might be worth mentioning for others considering going as I didn't know this before, you have to take your own heels to try on with the dresses 

    will let you know how I get on!

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    I went to the Milton Keynes one and didn't have the best experience. I was happy to pick out my own dresses and they give you guidance on what sizes to pick. It wasn't a massive selection to be honest. I was allowed to pick 4 and then had to wait for a dressing room to be free. The lady came in to help me into the dresses, which was good as some of them I needed assistance with. However, that's where the assistance stopped for me. 

    I had no idea what kind of dress would suit me and they didn't offer any suggestions once I'd tried my dresses on. The lady stood there quietly offering no advice. If the size didn't fit you then had to go and look for the dress in a different size and get back in the queue. I left even more confused about what type of dresses would suit me. Plus no size fitted me properly so I would have been paying for alterations too.

    I also found the material to be quite stiff and heavy compared to the dresses I tried on in the wedding dress shops. However, that might be down to the type of dresses i tried on. There were lots of women there buying dresses so I guess if you find something you like, it's a bargain. 

  • Libby13Libby13 Posts: 244 New bride

    Here is my experience for anyone who cares. Bear in mind this is my first wedding dress shopping experience, I have a couple more next week at "proper" wedding boutiques where you need an appointment so will compare them

    personally I had a fantastic experience, really loved it!! It sounds like it makes a big difference which branch you go to. We went to the Swindon branch, the staff told me it's a much quieter shop in a quieter location so they don't get mega busy and very rarely have queues for trying on. 

    we got there for opening time (10am) and I was the only one in the whole shop. They have the biggest trying on area apparently of any of the shops. 

    I was introduced to the sales assistant who would be helping me the whole way through. We went through to the main shop where there are rails with hundreds of dresses, quite overwhelming! The shop assistant (amber) was amazing, she helped me to pick out dresses based on what I thought I wanted and she was so patient. She helped me in and out of every dress, helped me with accessories (putting veils on me, hair accessories, bouquets to hold, different underskirts) and allowed my mum to take photos of every single dress. She really listened to what I liked and disliked about dresses and then went to get more based on what I had said

    we were in there about 3 hours! And she stayed with us the whole time. During this time one other bride came to try on dresses but I barely noticed her. Amber wrote down the prices of everything for me and nothing was too much trouble. I also liked that it had no snobby feel but still felt special. 

    Personally I thought the dresses were excellent quality, especially for the price (prices are unbelievable) and I found so many that I loved. I think i have found "the one" but I want to try a couple more bridal shops first as this was my first experience. I have paid £50 for them to hold the dress for me for 2 weeks.   

    I fell in love with a cathedral length veil and it was only £90. 

    I wore nude seamless knickers and a white bra, I just tucked the straps down out of the way. I did take heels but they have pedestals that you stand on. They gave me a list of recommended seamstresses and the prices for different types of alterations. 

    If you're thinking about going I'd definitely recommend it, in particular this branch as it obviously depends on the sales assistant and how busy the shop is 

  • I went there yesterday (Thursday 16th August) after going to a very expensive plus size boutique in Knutsford where the ladies were lovely but in all honesty I couldn't justify the £1500 starting point.

    Wed2B do stock plus size dresses but the Wrexham branch only had a small selection in stock.

    I saw that they still had the dress I looked at for 2 mins the previous week and decided to try it on and I am glad I did! It was a perfect length and fit and needs zero alterations. Even if I lose a bit more weight the corset can just be tightened.

    As it was late evening on a Thursday I was the only one in there and the 2 ladies who helped me were amazing. I'd definitely recommend the shop to anyone, especially slimmer ladies as they would have far more choice too!

    Walked out with a dress within the hour which was less than half of the boutique dress price but just as nice which was a massive relief. 

  • Vickie-Vickie- Posts: 9

    I went to the Bristol wed2b as had great experience when I took my brothers now wife to get her dress. We couldn’t find a dress she likedand had tried on a few , the assistant advised she had the perfect dress to suit and it was perfect for her. 

    I went in a Saturday morning and even though I got there early there was a queue outside. as soon as I found some dresses I wanted to try on I was shown straight to a dressing room. The assistance had was so helpful.

    I tried on 6 dresses in total and bought number 3.( I havent Uploaded my wedding pics yet but the below is the dress I chose in an 1hour. 

    It was a very lightweight materiel and didn’t crease in my suitcase on the way to Rhodes.

    There is so many options for all sizes I would defiantly recommend wed2be.





  • I’ve bought my dress from wed2b and it’s absolutely gorgeous and is great quality. 

    I went to the Southampton branch and they were really good. They let me know where each size was and the woman went round with us the first time. Then me and my mum walked around the second time and found various dresses I wanted to try on. I did a few rounds and even though there are a lot of other people in the try on section, it was absolutely fine. The changing rooms are nice and airy. The staff were great, the lady that was helping me was very friendly and helpful.

    I would definitley recommend!

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    I went to wed2be in stoke between boutique appointments out of curiosity. 

    The shop I visited was a quieter one (sounds like that makes a big difference based on what everyone has said) and I thought that the whole experience is quite good for a chain.

    I would say that they don't have as many styles as appears in reality. They have a lot of the same style in different sizes. 

    The changing rooms are huge so although there was 2 other bride's trying on at the same time it didn't matter at all. 

    An assistant did indeed put the dresses on me but I think that's normal for wedding dresses and I had to wear the nasty little face cover too, which she was very apologetic about!
    She fetched extra dresses, different sizes and belts for me too. I really can't complain about the service. 

    The dresses themselves were perhaps not as well finished as those in the boutiques but in all honesty you have to look very closely to notice and the difference is reflected in the price. 

    I didn't get my dress from wed2be but I would say if there's one near to you and you can go on a quiet day you may as well go ahead and take a look.

  • I went to one and quite enjoyed the experience. I liked being let loose on the rails (although it turned out they didn't have some of the dresses I'd pre-picked online in my size) and being able to take my time and have a look. 

    Having to wear a net over your face was somewhat weird but completely understandable when you think that somebody will end up buying that dress and it's all well and good buying a dress at >£500 until you have to spend loads more getting other people's make-up steamed off it. As others have said, the shop assistants come in and put you into the dress but from my experiences, there's nothing weird about this - it happens pretty much everywhere because let's face it, they're not the easiest things to get into and out of on your own!

    All in all, I had a pleasant experience even though I didn't end up buying there. The dresses are nice quality but obviously you get what you pay for - they tend to be a lot plainer/less embellished than you'd find in a boutique. It was nice though that they brought out a selection of veils, belts etc. to try and complete the look.
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    Ive been and found them good value for the money, the changing rooms are not too bad, the staff were helpful  and the quality fine, I would def recommend them, as others said avoid the weekend if you can, or go early or late if you do go.

  • Wed2B in Shirley was the first shop I went to looking to get an idea of what sort of dress would suit me, I definitely wasn’t planning on buying a dress then and there... The staff were very friendly and helpful, yes there was a bit of a wait for a changing room (I went on a Sunday), but I didn’t mind that - I ended up trying on 7 dresses and fell in love with dress #7. I ended up taking it home that day and haven’t regretted it - it’s a gorgeous dress and I for one wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s “only” £699 (even that seems a lot to me for something worn for just one day to be honest lol!). 
    Below photos, I still need to find a bolero/jacket and a few alterations (and lose about a stone).
    I’d definitely recommend it, I may have missed out on the boutique experience but that was never a priority to me personally!

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    I bought my dress from Wed2B. I didn't have to wear a net on my face and the staff were amazing. I can't wait to wear it! Will need some alterations but looks fantastic on and you definitely can't tell it was less than £500. xx
  • I went to wed2b last year as one of the first places i went into. i just wanted to see the styles, get an idea of colours and fabrics and that sort of thing and didn't really want the pressure that sometimes comes with a small boutique.

    they didn't have a huge array in my size - lots of the same type of thing rather than variety and they are all in big bags so when you are looking to find your first 4 you can't really get a great idea of them and i found that quite hard so i just chose like one with sleeves, one strapless, a princess etc. - just to see the differences like i said

    the dressing room was huge, i was helped into it and the one big downside was they didn't have any clips to hold you in - they suggest the size up which were all huge on me but the ones i like weren't in the size down so i either had to hold myself in or the staff did and even if they aren't a boutique i would have thought a couple of clips would be almost standard given the array of sizes and styles?

    the dresses seem good quality for the price, there are some stunning gowns - depending if they are in stock in your size. the lighting and set up in the shop i went to was great and it does its best to make you look great in them! the colour of the dress at home did look quite different but to be expected.

    i didn't have to have anything over my face but then i only usually wear mascara. the dress already had makeup and a bit of fraying to it around the bust. i would carefully check the dresses if you intend to buy as they sell as seen.

    the sales pitch as expected... "we can't hold stock (was also told i can't pay to hold stock) so if you don't buy it today it probably won't be here when you come back"..
    its a clever ploy isn't it?

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