Hey everyone, 

 I have got a little bit confused with flowers as I'm not particularly good at this sort of thing. I have booked with a florist who does artificial flowers and had decided on a style I liked.


I then saw a different bouquet that she did which I think is stunning


My question is basically that I am getting married in December so think the sunflowers might be a bit out of season. My colour theme is burgundy and navy and I'm getting really confused with what will look good. The same with the buttonholes. The suits are like below but only the groom will have the waistcoat like this and the others will have blue ones. I'm worried a burgundy buttonhole will look a bit odd with too much burgundy but that a white will be strange when there's no white in the bouquet!


Sorry for the all the questions and musings! Just a bit puzzled by it all


Thank you


  • wed172Bwed172B Posts: 1,258

    I think the top one is definitely more appropriate for the time of year but I would talk to your florist as she may be able to offer advice. Maybe add another colour to complement the burgundy and use this for the buttonholes? Maybe a blush pink cream peach or even white if that's what you want for the buttonholes. Look on Pinterest get a few ideas of things you like and then show them to your florist

  • ruthie1979ruthie1979 Posts: 794

    I agree with wed172B - the top one is much more suitable for the time of year and is beautiful. 

    I would also go back on Pinterest and research "winter button holes" or "winter wedding flowers" to get some more ideas x

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    Yeah the top one sunflowers would be out ofseason therefore may be expensive or difficult to find. 

  • SlopeydopesSlopeydopes Posts: 182 New bride
    Katherine66 wrote (see post):

    Yeah the top one sunflowers would be out ofseason therefore may be expensive or difficult to find. 

    The florist is doing artificial bouquets rather than real ones. She has red sunflowers too. I did like the top one the most first but have gone off it a bit. 

     I think maybe another colour mixed in would be good to lighten it a bit. I have navy bridesmaid dresses too

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