The infamous table plan

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I still have just less than 5 months to go but Ive made a list of all the guests for the daytime, grouped into tables. I like to be organised and this will hopefully mean its easier down the line when I make the real table plan.

So, 2 questions.

First, does it matter about uneven numbers on tables? For instance most tables have 8 people, but the odd couple have 6 or 7. Im completely against forced mingling and splitting people up, so Ive tried to put people into natural groups, and the odd ones with those they know or have at least met before. Some tables have a lot of politics going on though, such as divorced parents who hate each other. So Ive done my best, but for example, I just cant drag one single person from their family and friends and stick them with a table full of strangers just to make a nice number 8.

Will it look weird?

Secondly, a kids table. There are 10 children ranging from age 3-12. I thought it would be more enjoyable for them to have a kids table, where they can all cause havoc and have their goody bags and generally be kids without stressing the parents too much, or without being made to be boring and having their spirits dampened down. It also makes it a lot easier to work out the numbers on other tables. Whenever we go for family the meals the kids all abandon the table and end up in a pile in the corner anyway (were a big family and reserve private rooms 😂)

I have concerns about this though, the main one being my mummy fear of choking. This is my current anxiety, so I thought if I placed the kids table sort of in the middle so its surrounded by adults who can keep an eye on things, and theres also the 12 year olds who Im sure would be mature enough to keep an eye open too. Other concerns being just how rowdy this table could get (I dont mind, Im used to it, but they might all lead each other along more than usual), and they might ruin their outfits more than usual etc.

But is this a good idea? Am I overthinking it? I just worry about the littlest ones really. There are 3 preschool age. I even considered asking some staff from the nursery to come and watch them but I do think thats OTT!


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    I've got mostly tables of 8 but some of 6, just because those are the natural sizes of groups. I think the same as you, that people have a better time when with people they know if possible. The only mixed tables I've got are half and half of 2 groups of 4.

    I went to a wedding where they had a kids' table and it worked well. We don't have enough kids at ours to really fill a table though, and I also thought I'd rather the parents keep an eye on them whilst eating and during speeches. I think 3 might be a little young to be on a separate table, but if you know that the older kids will take care of them it could be fine.

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    I was thinking with the little ones of positioning the surrounding tables so that their nanas are pretty much next to them, as its them Im most worried about.

    That way nanas are just an arms reach away if needed, and theres the other family really close too.

    I did think about putting the little ones on the adults tables but Im sure once they saw the older kids theyd be wanting to get to them.

    Its really hard to do, In glad I havent left it until the week before!

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    No advice about children because I am completely clueless in that department. But don't fret about having different numbers on tables. I have a mixture from 8-11, I don't think it matters too much. Honestly, when everyone is sitting, it'll be so full that no one will notice an extra person here or there. 

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    The nana strategy sounds good!

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    Lol, we discussed having a children's table. We decided against it, our children would cause a riot. B is sitting his children with sister and my girls are sitting with my brother. I feel sorry for our siblings! Youngest daughter is a demanding diva, oldest daughter is a social butterfly, stepson drinks like a fish (god help us when he's 18) and stepdaughter is normally miserable/cold/constantly frowning who is going through the baby voice phase. I do love everyone one of the children but oh gosh, I think our siblings will need a large glass of wine with each course! Lol 


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    We are having a young people's table rather than a kids table, anyone over the age of 12 will be considered a young person and responsible enough to sit on that table, anyone below that age will sit with their parents. This is for behaviour control mainly but also because we are having afternoon tea there will be pots of tea on every table which are firstly very heavy and secondly pose a risk for scalding. I personally wouldn't have wanted my daughter at the age of three sat away from me as I would have felt I'd need to keep getting up to her to help cut her food up, make sure she was eating properly and behaving herself, I'd have found it more relaxing to be sat next to her at that age.

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    We're having 6 Guest tables ranging between 7-9 per table

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    I have a couple of odd tables Im not worried.   

    we have 7 children coming and they are sitting with thier parents.  I did it this way first time round to.  Its only while we eat and do the formal part once thats done people can go where they want!  


    I would never recommend a kids table with children under 5 on it simply for safety reasons they need constant supervision.   I would also caution thinking the others because they are older are more mature that depends on each child.      

    Also is it fair to give all responsibllity to the Nanas?   

    I like the idea of hiring professionals at major events to take charge of children and dont think this is over the top at all.    


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