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I am getting married next summer at Trinity Buoy Wharf in London. The venue is dry hire so you need to organise a caterer, provide your own alcohol, provide tables, chairs, bar, glasses etc etc. It looks like we will be going with a caterer who will provide plates and cutlery but we will have to liaise with hire companies to provide tables, chairs, glassware and bar items. All items need to be removed from the venue by 4am. The caterer will take their own equipment and the hire company will collect whatever we order from them. However, we are planning on providing some of our own glassware as well as a lot of personalised decor, some furniture and games etc.

My question is, does anyone know of a company or service that would come and collect these items at 3am and deliver them to a pre-booked 24 hour access self storage space (So they would  need to pack a van and unload a van themselves but not actually pack the boxes or unpack them)? This is the only idea that I have thought of so far - so any others are most welcome! There will be way too much left for us to divide these items among the bridal party to take away.



  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    I met a venue dresser yesterday and she said she sometimes has to go and collect her stuff at 2am, do is it not the job of the hire companies to collect the items?

    that would be my first port if call before trying to have everything moved and put in storage. If i was hiring something out I dont think I would want sn external company coming in and taking away my stuff and it being moved around.

    Worth checking.

  • LEAH35LEAH35 Posts: 24

    I see that the Big Yellow Storage company recommends and offers discounts on van hire and presumably other storage outlets may do the same, so it would be worth checking with those.   Otherwise perhaps hire a man with a van to take the stuff to a parent's house?  It would cost a bit at 4am but you would save on storage.  

  • Thanks.

    Items we have hired will be collected by those companies however our issue is collection of the items we have provided ourselves, sorry if my post was unclear!

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    How inreasonable to want it all ready and out by 4am! Whats wrong with 9 am the following day? 


    We are providing alot of out own stuff to and i have to have to hired equipment ready for collection by monday morning , the wedding is this Saturday.    


    Sorry i cant help. 

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    We have same issue, nothing is allowed to stay after the wedding, we have to take it at the end of the night. Like you, the caterers are taking their things and venue decorators are taking theirs (around 12.30-1am). I am considering asking if our venue decorators will be willing to take our things with them and then we can get them from them on the Sunday, guessing they will charge extra but hoping that will work

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