Chair sash alternatives

Hey so I'm looking for some alternatives or ideas please! I only have a small budget and have to decorate 50-80 chairs. The reception is in lovely small pub and our theme is rustic/su flowers. I have looked into hessian bows bit are proving difficult as they are expensive. 

Any ideas welcome 

Thank you.


  • Lexi90Lexi90 Posts: 971

    What do the chairs that your covering look like? 

  • Helen225Helen225 Posts: 861 New bride

    I just typed unique chair sash into Pinterest and loads of stuff came up x

  • 60720196072019 Posts: 45

    Not sure if you have considered this already but where I live anyway, buying on ebay is proving to be the same cost (if not less) than renting for chair bows etc, and you can also sell them on after to recoup some of your costs :) 

    What do the chairs look like? x

  • We have hired chairs as it wasn't that much more pricey, approximately an extra 50p per chair than covers & bows. That being said we have only hired 40 as apposed to 80. We have chosen lime washed chiavari chairs with ivory pads but some places have different colour chairs and different coloured pads.

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