The excitement of getting our Order of Service, and carols during the wedding?

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I'm in a full on wedding bubble at the moment, I swear nothing could ruin my mood. We had our second meeting with the vicar today (who is lovely, I think she'll give us a beautiful lighthearted ceremony) and gave in our choices for the ceremony. Within a couple of hours, she had already forwarded us a copy of the Order of Service for us to check! It was so surreal seeing our names on there, and, I don't know, it just feels super exciting and strange! She did mention on her email, when she sent across the draft Order of Service, that she'd just thought that if we wanted, we could have carols instead of hymns during the wedding service (the perks of getting married three days before Christmas...) and we couldn't be happier. It wasn't something that we ever thought about or considered because we'd never thought of it. Obviously it'll be religious carols, rather than jingle bells, but I think it will just give the day a different vibe, and I think everyone will enjoy singing carols more than they would hymns. Has anyone else done this? 


  • A15A15 Posts: 8

    I love that idea!! Kinda wish I was having a Christmas wedding now... hymns are hard because not everyone knows them, but carols will surely be a winner :) xx

  • EpiphanyEpiphany Posts: 718

    When we thought we would be getting married in December we thought we would have carols and the vicar liked that idea - and you are right everyone knows them!

    It'll be lovely!

  • MrsK2017MrsK2017 Posts: 230 New bride

    Thank you both! I'm just so excited. I love Christmas Carols, I love Christmas, that's why we set the date so close to Christmas, so I'm hoping it's going to work out perfectly!

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    We are marrying in December and also having carols instead of hymns :) in fact when I was there a few weeks ago and looked through their hymn books a lot of the religious carols are already in there as they started as christmas hymns :) Like you, we are assumign most people will know them better than other hymns haha

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