Personalised cake toppers

Giraffe888Giraffe888 Posts: 678

Morning ladies

We want a cake topper of Mr and Mrs Surname

I've seen quite a few ladies on here have them. Can you please advise recommendations of where you got them from?

Thank you x 


  • Mrs AyseMrs Ayse Posts: 561

    I'd love this too, but in rose gold. What colour are you looking for Giraffe? x

  • EpiphanyEpiphany Posts: 718

    If you search for 'cake toppers' on Not On The High Street quite a lot come up - they all look white or wooden in the main photo but if you click on them you can get a range of colours.

    I'm hoping to buy mine from there - there's a sale on some of them and they're about £18 - £20.

  • Giraffe888Giraffe888 Posts: 678

    AyseO I'm not sure what colour yet. We've not 100% decided our colour scheme x

    Epiphany that's great thank you x

  • EpiphanyEpiphany Posts: 718
  • mrspea2bemrspea2be Posts: 275 New bride

    I had mine from amazon it was £15 , and just says Mr and Mrs Pearson and the date x 

  • Giraffe888Giraffe888 Posts: 678

    Fab thank you! I'm looking now x

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