BIL and extra guest drama

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So, latest drama; H2B uncle has taken it on himself to invite his daughter that we have only met once, she is 8. FIL said "well it won't be a problem will it?" Well actually I think it's just rude to tell someone they can come to a wedding without an invite! Very luckily we won't be over with numbers with her on but that's beside the point, he didnt understand why I was annoyed! Seriously. If I was going to be over on numbers I told him that they would have to pay because I'm not, we are paying enough as it is (paying for everything ourselves) 

and in other news; BIL may not be coming (he's 15) because he's not included enough, he's just a guest and he's not happy ffs, so now MIL wants me to find him a job so he'll want to come gahhhhhhh! Why can't it be easy!


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    I've found other people say - it's your day, have it your way......and then BUT could you do this and that and invite this person blah blah blah

    Yes it is annoying that they've just assumed that it's ok for h2b cousin to come but at least you have the space. 

    with the BIL perhaps try and see it as nice that he wants to be involved in his big bro's wedding? perhaps a reading? or usher? x

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    That is rude! I've had similar my uncles wife (not aunt as when you are wife number 4 I get to the point of not considering them an aunt especially when I'm old enough to be her mother!) has got her nephew staying with them for the summer, my uncle just told my mum they were bringing him, not asked, told!  and to my mother not me!! Grrr so I know how you feel you might be able to fit them in but that's besides the point!

    as for your BIL he's 15 surely his parents should just be telling him to get over himself and behave, he's a child for goodness sake!

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