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paul144paul144 Posts: 1

Future wifes dad doesnt want to do a speech nor does my best man, which is all fine with me. Ill make a speech with the usual toasts etc.

This question is 2 pronged;

Id like to let guests know that my wedding is informal and wont have a seating plan or speeches, Im thinking a poster on the way in but how to express this in the right way, a rhyme? poem? Im not very creative and stuck for ideas.

Also its my 2nd wedding and my fiances first, Id like a couple of one liner ideas about this to open my speech??

Anyone with any suggstions its most welcome.

My wedding is very informal, no wedding breakfast, late afternoon ceremony and a nice hall with buffet


  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    There are loads of 'no seating plan' ideas on pinterest, have a look on there.

    As for the speech, is it necessary to open by bringing your previous marriage into it? I just think as a bride, Id be a bit miffed, the day is about the 2 of you, not you, her and the ex wife. Or even if it was a snide comment about the previous marriage, I just think its distasteful and not at all relevant? As a guest Id probably feel a bit uncomfortable listening to it and think there was some ongoing issues or hard feelings involved for it to be mentioned. Obviously its your speech and you do it your way but is there a particular reason why you want to mention your previous marriage?

  • Tanya128Tanya128 Posts: 1,993

    Yep I'm with mrsJ on this one don't bring up you last marriage. My brother got married for a second time a few years ago and at the wedding the Brides mother gave a little speech and mentioned the failure of the first marriage it caused a bit of a ripple amongst my brothers side of the family as we saw it as unnecessary and a bit underhanded, she also intimated that he wasn't quite good enough for her daughter! Pretty much seemed she was dooming them to fail which they did (maybe lack of family support didn't help), so I'd skip any remarks about it being your second time, you know it is your fiancé knows it is, it isn't something particularly to celebrate or make jokes about.

  • Giraffe888Giraffe888 Posts: 678

    As the others have said I don't understand why you want to mention it being your second wedding and your wife's first? How uncomfortable for everybody!

    ive been married previously but don't make any reference to that as neither me nor my fiancé would want that!

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    This is my second marriage and I would never have dreamed of mentioning my first in any sort of wedding speech!! Sorry but that's just weird. 

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