Aisle exit song

Hi Ladies

we need to send our ceremony paperwork back by 23rd Feb but we’re struggling to find a song to exit to. Has anyone any suggestions?

we’ve considered: 

Cant take my eyes off you

Michael Buble Everything

Sixpence none the richer

many others I can’t remember!

we’d like something upbeat and cheery!

Thank you x


  • Kelly224Kelly224 Posts: 962 New bride

    I like the Sixpence none the richer one!

    we are having Beautiful Day by The Levellers

  • My h2b doesn’t like sixpence one! X

  • We had stuck like glue by sugar land. Its an upbeat song and it was really fun to walk out to :)

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  • Alex52Alex52 Posts: 164

    We're having Layla by Eric Clapton (in tribute to my dad) but if not we liked

    Best day of my life - American Authors

    Mr Blue Sky - ELO - one of our register signing songs

    You & me song by the wannadies

  • One wedding I went to their exit song was an instrumental version of Happy by Pharrell Williams and it was lovely! They pretty much danced/skipped out of the church together haha! (This was also the most memorable wedding I've ever been to) x

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  • we had walking on sunshire, i like songs that are really happy when people walk out

  • MrsR17MrsR17 Posts: 80 New bride

    We had Jack Johnston Better Together - not that I even remember hearing it to be honest she could have played Jingle Bells and I wouldn't have know :) 

  • MrsT2017MrsT2017 Posts: 225 New bride

    We had Ho hey by the lumineers, but The other option was you and me sing by the wanadies! Love it x

  • For our exit we're having The Darkness  - I believe in a thing called love

  • We're having Wanna Hold Your Hand - The Beatles :) 

  • LizzieBHLizzieBH Posts: 196

    We're having I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) by the Four Tops :D 

  • We haven't decided what song I'm going to walk down the aisle to, but last week we decided on our exit song, which will be Praise You by Fatboy Slim 😀

  • CFWCFW Posts: 234

    Loving these suggestions! We are going for Florence and the Machine - you've got the love! Love it!

  • elsyelsy Posts: 533

    We had James Taylor - How sweet it is

  • We are thinking of having an upbeat stevie wonder song or we like the wanadies you and me or Ray LaMontagne - you are the best thing. But my fave is barry white, my first, my last my everything. Decisions!!!

  • We're having 'We go together' from Grease.

  • We’ve decided on our music. 

    Entrance - Elvis can’t help falling in love (h2b big Elvis fan so I’m surprising him)

    signing register - Christina PerrI a thousand years and Ed Sheeran with Beyoncé perfect

    Exit - Sugarland stuck like glue (love how quirky and upbeat it is!

  • We are having a fairly slow piece of music for our exit which more people use as an entrance song, but it is one we love and my fiancé wouldn't budge when I said that it is usually a traditional or upbeat song to exit. So we are having NYE by Badly Drawn Boy. I'm sure at the end of the day we will both be a little distracted! Only 11 sleeps to go now! 

  • Signed sealed and delivered by Stevie Wonder 😉

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