Invites-I've confused myself!

Argh- I've well and truly confused myself about what I really want in regards to invitations, I think I need some outsiders perspective if that's okay?!

I'll start off by showing you my Save the Dates (Sorry- it's really not the best pciture)  image So the wooden heart in the middle is a magnet- these went down really well and its exciting seeing our date up on everybody fridge when we visit family and friends! 

When I first started to think about invites (feels like years ago) I thought I'd make my own pocketfolds, keeping the rustic theme etc... these were my insp:


But I couldn't find anything I loved- and realised I didn't want to go down the classic route and wanted something a bit different.

So then these rustic passports seemed like a great idea:


I love these- but they're expensive and when the sample arrived unfortunately it felt a bit flimsy, I think they look neat and tidy- all the info in one place but I kept looking.

Then I found these and really thought they were the one:


They're invitation Tea towels! The sample was fantastic- we'd go for the other design as our wedding is on the beach etc... They work out not much more than the passport ones, and I would design my own Info cards/RSVPs and put them inside a little packaging box- This is ultimately the most expensive option but really think our guests would appreciate them and it's something for them to keep.

BUT THEN I found these! (Yeah I know- told you I was confused!)


Wooden postcards with magnets on the back to go along side our save the dates, I like the postcard design, it goes with our beachy/travel theme and is wooden- same as our save the dates and general wedding decor. I'd need to produce info cards and RSVPs to go with them the same as the tea towels but thats no issue really. These work out about half the price of the tea towels.

I'm really torn between the tea towel and postcard I think.... I haven't quite worked out how I'd send the postcards (bigger envelope with other stationary inside/small box/ 2 envelopes etc)

What do you think? I'm probably thinking too far into this and need to just choose one!

Really sorry for how rambly this post is!


  • Mrs_BadgerMrs_Badger Posts: 1,440

    Mmmm i think tea towels and wooden postcards are good if you have a small number of guests to invite.... Costs can spiral out of control And invites are just a very small part of the wedding.

    I love the passport idea.... Can you not scan the one you were sent and alter details on the computer?  That way you can get a stronger card for it.

  • Mrs_BadgerMrs_Badger Posts: 1,440

    If it's on the travel theme.. Have you thought about a message in a bottle idea?  Bottle doesn't have to be big and you can include sands etc in the bottle.

  • August19August19 Posts: 285 New bride

    I really like the wooden postcard idea, it’s simple but fits your theme and matches the save the dates. Im not a fan of the tea towel as I would imagine people would fold it up and keep it in a drawer/misplace it compared to putting a magnet on the fridge.

    Are you able to order a sample of the postcard to compare to your tea towel sample? x

  • Thankyou Badgersbetty! Cost wise- the postcards are very reasonable, I think off the top of my had it was around £70 for 50 and so with the additional card/paper for the info cards and RSVPs would come under £100 in total.

    The passports worked out around £160 for 50 but do include all of the information we'd need so would be complete.

    The tea towels were similar cost but we'd need to factor in packaging/ other stationary etc aswell.

    August19- I completely see your point- H2b has actually said the same thing about the tea  towels- I think for some family members (grandparents/parents etc they'd be great and something for them to keep/cherish but on the whole, the majority of our guestlist would probably put them away and forget about them.

  • In regards to message in the bottle- I would love to be able to do something along these lines but I think it'll just end up costing a fortune (I'd get carried away) and posting would be tricky/costly. I've got a message in the bottle though that we'll be asking guests to write a little message in and we'll open on our first anniversary.

  • I actually prefer the original rustic pocket fold invites. I know you’ce already moves past that idea so it’s not a particularly helpful opinion i’m sharing! I’m just aware that other than really close family, most people are not likely to keep invitations after the event has taken place. I do really like the magnets and I think they look better than the tea towels. I just know that if I received one, I would still throw it away a month or so after the wedding just as I would a normal invite, unless it was my sister‘s wedding.

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    I really like the wooden postcards- I think they are perfect for your theme and they complement the save the dates too.

  • I think the postcard looks good but the tea towel is cute and has way more utility (I don't like waste). That postcard is quite a bulky thing cluttering the front of the fridge and you can't really put anything over the top of it (kids artwork, important letters etc) because it stands proud of the fridge surface.

  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride

    I like the passport best if you can get a better supplier then second choice is the tea towel.x

  • I like the postcard! If I received the tea towel I would put it away and then forget all about it and probably spend ages searching for a normal invite with no avail! 


  • Love the wooden postcard, I might steal this idea! 

  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,474 New bride

    I LOVE the tea towels.  I think a lot of people would use them.  However, if you are sticking to theme then I would say wooden postcards.

    I was originally planning something really basic and using a website.  Now I am 100% going with the tea towels.  Bang goes my £500 stationery budget 

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