Favours and gifts ideas for a wedding abroad?


Hoping someone can give me some inspiration on good favours and gifts (bridesmaids etc) for a wedding abroad. We're getting married in Portugal next year and I'm struggling with what to give, favours especially! Wan't it to be something they'll use and not just get left behind but also something that will be easy to take over there with us or post.


Ellé :)



  • Hi,

    I'll be getting married in Italy and we're planning to get our favours out there - little bottles of Limoncello. We figured it would be much easier not having to take/post anything but also give people something they could use there and then so there was nothing for people to take back too. Could you do something similar?

    As for bridesmaids gifts, I'm putting together a box containing:

    - pyjamas for the night before

    - personalised vaseline tubs

    - a framed photo of us from the hen do

    - a candle

    - some flip flops

    - a hangover kit

    I'm planning on giving them these before we fly out so that they can leave behind anything they don't need for the trip (mostly the photo/candle) and the rest they can pack into their case.

    Hope this helps!

  • For favours I would definitely go with somegthino to eat or drink:

    miniature bottles of port

    or there is a portugese biscuit (I forget the name) but it looks like an infinity symbol 

  • Good ideas! I'll have a look into tradition food and drink for Portugal. I was worrying about the bridesmaid gifts but it makes sense to give it just before we go away.

    Thank you



  • LizzieBHLizzieBH Posts: 196

    Will it be summer / outdoors? How about something the guests can use like fans and panama hats or sunglasses?

  • We are getting married in Sicily and have also opted for mini bottles of limoncello, we then got very carried away as our wedding planner suggested personalised ceramic olive bowls which we are also giving guests, I will definitely be collecting any of the bowls left behind by guests as they are so pretty!

  • We're going to Croatia to get married and haven't decided on what to do for girls but we're going to do cigars for the guys. I'm hoping to find something local for the girls. Those boxes sound like a great idea before heading out tho! 

  • It will be in June next year outdoors so its bound to be very warm and sunny (it better be!!) - another good idea with the fans and glasses x

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