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Just tried to set up my wedding website on as there was a lot of info about all the options etc and it was free! I am having menu choices and am wanting my guests to RSVP with their menu choices. This is definitely an option on the site and I have filled in all the information as it says to do. 

However when I have gone to test it (I made it live for this) it didnt include the menu choices in the RSVP section. 

There is no information about how to fix this in their FAQ and a number of users have mentioned on here about using the menu choices. Can somebody help by explaining what they did? I don't think I've gone wrong but it's really frustrating when the info is there on the form you fill in but does not appear on the website.

Thanks for your help,




  • Hi Ruth, it look me a little while to figure this out too. Can I double check you added the drop down food and you're defiantly signing in as a say guest and not evening? 

  • Hiya,

    Yes I've added the food, entering the course and option each time. i have added dietry requirements as another option and that also doesn't appear.

    When I test it I do sign in as a day guest. I have tried to contact them as well!

    Glad it isn't just me!


  • Hi Ruth, 

    You need to select 'able to attend' and it should pop up - sorry, you might have already tried this. 

    You also don't need to make the website live to test it - you can just select 'view website' at the top of the page. Sorry I can't be much help. 




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