New bride-to-be CON...FUSED!

Confused and overwhelmed are two words that accurately describe me right now!

We have 2 years to go, but in terms of planning does anyone have any advice?!

Our wedding is set to be on the 1st of August 2020 and we are hosting it in my fiancees grandads land so thats fine, venue sorted! But marquees are proving to be difficult!! 

I'm the first one out of all friends to get married and I have no idea where to start!!


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    Absolute first things are setting a budget, and discussing with your fiancé the overall feel of the day you both want. Anything specific that you want (eg i realllly wanted a bouncy castle) talk about that as well and budget for it.

    Beyond that, in terms of booking stuff etc the things that get booked up fastest are catering, photographer and florists so maybe look into them first?

  • Hi Demi,

    I completely understand that it can be daunting when you first start planning - however, you've done the main (and often hardest) things, which are to decide on a date and venue, so yey for that part!

    Next, I would look at guest list and budget - decide what you're comfortable spending, and how many people you'd like to invite (it's amazing how many you know when you start writing them all down).  Then, you'll have a few key suppliers to get pinned down probably in the next 6 months;

    - Marquee company (most will help you with loos, furniture, power etc)

    - Caterer/bar (this could all be one)

    - Photographer

    - Florist

    - Entertainment

    The rest, dress, rings, etc will run alongside the above as you go.

    I'm not sure where in the UK you are, but if you're anywhere north of Birmingham, then I'd really recommend taking a look at the Brides up North wedding festivals that run through May.  They're designed with marquee weddings in mind, and are a great chance to physically stand in different styles of marquees & tipis, so that you can decide which style you prefer. They're also a really great day out (lots of Brides come with their partners, parents & bridesmaids), with live entertainment, food vans, cocktail bars etc, so it's a lot more enjoyable than some of the indoor alternatives! gives you more information on dates and locations. 

    I hope this helps, please try not to let it get too much and take the enjoyment out of your planning.  My final tip is to phone suppliers and ask for advice - often a few good conversations will really get you started in the right direction, and most are able to work with you to help you stay within budget.

    Good luck!

    Jenny x 

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