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im having a loose hand tied bouquet of wild flowers (cottage garden style) with large eucalyptus leaves. It’s going to be a mixture of Ivory, blush pink flowers and pale blue delphiniums too. Like this but in my colours



I have asked my florist to do blush pink roses, gypsophilia and some greenery for my two bridesmaids, so a bit like this



my question is, would my bouquet and my bridesmaids bouquets compliment each other or look too out of place?

I was thinking id like mine to stand out and theirs will match their blush pink dresses.


  • I always find it hard to visualise what flowers will look like but in my opinion, I don't think the two styles will compliment each other because the styles are so different. Could your bridesmaids have a wild flower bouquet too but smaller and just with blush pink? x

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    I think it'll look quite strange if ur bouquet and theirs aren't at least linked in shape and style and the flowers u use.

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    I agree with the others, I'd have smaller versions of your bouquet (without the delphiniums) so theirs are just blush & ivory with foliage. Then yours will stand out and they'll compliment each other. x

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    The second picture looks like more of a 'classic' style and is therefore quite different to your bouquet, maybe changing the roses would help? I think you should have some flowers that are in both bouquets to link them together

  • I agree with the previous comments - the bride's bouquet will look loose and wild and the BMs bouquets will look too traditional and "organised." I'd also be curious what colour dresses the BM would be wearing. If they are wearing blush as well, that particular bouquet would just blend away. It could use some contrasting colours.

  • I would agree, the bouquets don't really compliment each other as the first is very on trend and the other looks a bit dated if I'm perfectly honest.  

    How aout reducing the roses in the BMs and adding a couple of wild flowers?   I like Hol90's idea.  

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    Hello ladies. I absolutely agree with all of you! I think I just needed som direction and needed to hear it from someone else.

    im going to contact the florist and ask them to do small versions of mine using just blush, Ivory and foliage ☺️

  • Sounds great Blush, we would love to see more pictures!  

    Your bouquet inspiration pics are to die for btw!  

  • Blush2018Blush2018 Posts: 554 New bride
    TeamJamiesonLowe wrote (see post):

    Sounds great Blush, we would love to see more pictures!  

    Your bouquet inspiration pics are to die for btw!  

    Thank you! That’s very kind of you to say, and yes I will certainly update you x

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