Renewing Vows - 15 year anniversary

Hi all,

I'm new here!

My husband and I are renewing our vows in June 2020, going to see 3 venues tomorrow, and I'm super excited.

I'm at the very beginning of my planning, but have made so many notes in my planning book and I can't wait to start actually organising and buying stuff.

Will be here to ask for lots of advice I'm sure.



  • You should def do a planning thread! I too am an a vow renewal/ church blessing lass, after a very thrown-together and disappointing original ceremony years ago.  I would love to hear about your plans!

  • Congrats to you. When are you doing it?


    We got married 13 years (so it'll be 15 years by the time we do it). First time round we had 150 guest, followed all of the traditions, and as much as I loved our wedding day, this time is going to be much different.

    We're having a much more intimate affair (around 50 people) and we want our guests to be involved in our ceremony.
    When we send out our invites, we're going to ask our guests to write something about our relationship that they like - a testimony to our marriage if you like, then at the ceremony, we're going to have 4 of our closest friends read some out - the rest will be displayed in some way.

    Our guest book is going to be a photobook of the last 15 years, with pictures of our guests in there, and they can write their messages in there.

    We're thinking of doing a 'shoot it yourself' type of videoing to save on costs, and to make it more personal.

    I think that once I have booked the venue, i'll have a clearer picture of how the day will go.

    I've already chosen my colours - Silver, grey, mauve and blush pink - and I'm wearing a black dress - although I haven't tried any on, but that's the idea.

    Tell me about your plans.

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