Wedding book!!

So I'm curious if any of you ladies have done this.. 

from the day i got engaged I have had a scrapbook and everything goes in there, from dream ideas to quotes and to actual invites I love sitting and flicking through from where we started 2 years ago it' like Pinterest only hands on I feel like after the wedding it' going to be great to look back on.. here's some pics of mine! Xx


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  • Mrs2018Mrs2018 Posts: 398

    II have a note book full of all my quoted and working outs. All the different people's bank details etc receipts from payments, contracts and my handmade invites but all my inspiration pics are off the internet and I can' print without going the library x

  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    I have pintrest boards for ideas that I share with suppliers, a planning thread here and a file where I keep paperwork and quotes but thats it. But then because of how I am wedding planning is a practical thing for me. I dont get too gushy, I havent taken photos as we've seen or done things etc and its mostly all about finding something we like at a price we are happy to pay.

    However my sister married a couple years ago and this is very much what she has and she loves looking through it :D

  • Gemma345Gemma345 Posts: 13

    Absolutely love what you’ve done , if I had time wish I could do that ... !!! This is exactly what I thought of in my mind when it comes to a wedding book currently using Pinterest as that’s all I have time to do .. ❤️ Amazing 

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