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Our ceremony and reception venue are about a 20 minute drive from each other. We decided to provide travel for all guests to the ceremony. 

The ceremony venue has no parking near by and is in the middle of a town centre, so we thought life would be easier if all guests had a bus provided to get them there and back to the wedding reception. Especially since a lot of family is coming from abroad with no cars. 

However, we sent our invites out and have received nothing but comments about how it's a "stupid idea" and they're confused to why we have done it. Which is now making us panic no one will use the transport and it is costing us a huge amount of money for them. 

We're really stuck on whether to bother with the transport? HELP. 


  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,136 New bride

    How ungrateful!! If that’s the attitude I would cancel the transport and put on smaller cabs or minibus for any guests who are grateful or would like It and everyone else can enjoy finding parking or whatever else. cannot bard rudeness. As a guest I’d find that super helpful and be so glad I could park my car at the reception for the next day and not worry about lifts/cabs/parking. Ungrateful soda but the chances are the kind of people who will make comments like that will be the same who moan about the parking situation on the day - there’s no pleasing some people and the only solution is to not to try!!

  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride

    I went to a wedding where they transported us from the hotel people were staying at to the venue on an open top bus it was great fun! Don't see what the problem is?


    I think sometimes people just like to have an opinion on things, I would ignore them

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