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so the venue is booked and the dress has been found.  however photographers? I AM STRUGGLING.

what is the average cost?  id like photos of the getting ready, ceremony and through to first dance.

I noticed most photographers give you a USB stick with all edited photos, but I would like a photo album with 3 mini albums for our parents (I have 2 sets of parents).


I have no idea on a cost that is acceptable?  everything seems to be so expensive!

We are getting married in Cambridgeshire so if anyone has any photographer recommendations- please throw them my way!


Thank you! xxx


  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 466 New bride

    In terms of cost its how long is a piece of string really, how much do u want to spend? Our photographer gave us images online and on a USB, and we could (and did) order an album afterwards. Some will include it in package. It was one of our priorities, so we flew one in from Republic of Ireland, and he cost about 15% of our total budget. Have you had a look on google to see what kind of style you want? Are any recommended by your venue? 

  • Sorry to piggyback on this but I'm also really confused about photographers!

    How do you know who on earth to pick? Do you need to meet them and chat? What about?

    The research I've done so far has thrown up prices of between £1200 And £3000 for the whole day. And how do you know if you need two photographers?

    Every other choice has seemed relatively easy til now!!

  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 466 New bride

    I researched loads online and looked at past work. You wanna look at entire weddings if possible, not just highlights. We soon narrowed down the style we wanted, and I emailed a few for quotes and availability who clearly had that style. Some didnt reply with much detail or very quickly, and 2 we hit it off with. I drilled down into their quotes and did a detailed comparison. I searched for reviews and magazine mentions etc, and ended up choosing the one who had won the most awards, but we got on best with him anyway. Some will offer an engagement shoot to help it feel more comfortable on the big day, but ours didn't (we didn't want one anyway) so we met up with him for a coffee and to pay deposit. It was important to me that we were comfortable round him. 

    I would start with google and then just start narrowing down ur options, send out a few emails and see what kind of vibe you get back. If your venue is particularly challenging then it might be worth choosing someone who is familiar with it. Though we went total opposite of this, i didn't want our wedding to be just another one at that venue. 

    We chose not to have 2 photographers as I didnt have any BMs and we were both getting ready within walking distance. Our whole day was in one venue, so didn't feel second was needed. I would check though, in cases of 2, that the 2nd is a qualified and experienced photographer, and not just their wife or husband! Also in cases of a big company, ask who specifically you will be getting, ask about their equipment and storage etc, also what is back-up plan in case of their illness on the day 

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    Do loads of research 😉 I had a really good look at our local photographers websites and there was one that stood head and shoulders above the rest, his work was exactly my style (and award winning which was reassuring) so we went to meet him and booked him that day. Tbh I would have moved the wedding date to get him 😂 and gone over budget. His basic package is about 1500 for all day coverage with digital images, and then goes up if you want albums. It's probably my lack of self confidence and not liking how I look in pictures at all that made it so important to me, but I feel that I at least stand a chance of liking most of the pics!  

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    Weve been going to local wedding fayres and chatting to photographers. The one we are going with we’re really friendly and put me at ease. I’m not confident and dread someone taking my photo all day. So being comfortable with the photographer was something very important to me. The package I want will cost £1200 for usb stick and album of about 100 pics. but I’m not having photos until the ceremony. I don’t want getting ready photos.

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    We met ours at a wedding fayre, we had a chat with her and both immediately liked her, so she was always our first choice. She then came to our house for a chat about what we wanted. We paid £800 for digital copies of our photos on a USB, plus 10 prints, and the option to order more prints. She was there from about 10am to do pics of us getting ready, and didn’t leave until after 9pm. We’ve ended up with nearly 800 photos.

    We did look at a few others, but they seemed to have loads of comedy posed shots, things like all the bridesmaids pretending to laugh, or doing Charlie’s Angels poses,etc, which I really didn’t like. I much preferred her portfolio of more natural pics. The big draw though was the fact that she was so friendly and easy to work with - we knew this was someone who would be interacting with our family and friends all day, so we wanted someone likeable!

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    Research like hell.  I do know a very good photographer for Cambridgeshire, but they are expensive, as they are award winning, and some of the top in the UK (currently £2500 for the pair of them)  They are called Lina and Tom, and are INCREDIBLE.  

    When I researched I looked at a few websites:  The Wedding Awards, Fearless Photographers, and also the Four Counties Wedding Awards.  I took most note of Fearless as they seemed to have the style I liked, and also have a very strong reputation within the industry.  

  • DreamCatcher_DreamCatcher_ Posts: 119

    We (I) looked high and low at photographers, looking for more natural shooters and someone we'd be comfortable with. 

    H2B works with a woman who is a professional wedding photographer on the side and has had her images used in publications for various wedding venues and magazines. We, initially, didn't consider her because we didn't want it to be awkward, despite loving her style. However we finally changed our minds and had a chat. She was happy to discount our package by 50%, going from £1200 to £600 for all day photography and, as she is an evening guest, she'll also take picture free of charge throughout the reception. 

    She has also said that she will travel between both our getting ready venues (0.5 miles) and get pictures of us both, before going to the venue.

  • Julia82Julia82 Posts: 123

    If you go down the route of making your own album I would recommend checking out Blurb xx

  • Laura GraceLaura Grace Posts: 334 New bride

    In terms of choosing a photographer - find those whose style you like first, then look at price, personality etc as you can't really compare the other way around.  The style of photographs (including the way they are edited) will stay with you far longer than any of the other qualities.

    Second shooter - I recommend having a second shooter if you are having a large wedding (80+) as that way you will get more candid shots of everyone and group shots will be much easier to organise etc.  Also, if groom prep is a must then you will need a second shooter.  Otherwise I'd say don't bother (how important is it really to get photos from the front and back of the ceremony?) Sure it makes my job easier having someone else with me, but I don't think the couple benefit from it that much.

    Albums - these are expensive!  That is because they take time to design but are blooming pricey for us to buy in the first place.  Sure, some photographers overcharge in this area but realistically you are looking for £300+ for a good quality one.  However, I think they are worth every penny - I love looking back at my album, it's gorgeous!

    Parent albums - this is where I would save.  Depending on the album company I use, a small 5 inch square copy album can cost ME around £100 (photographers typically add a % on to this too then).  Is this worth it?  In my opinion no!  When I got married (before I became a photographer), I had the USB with print rights, so I made my parents a photobook from Photobox.  Put lots of upgrades on it, included tons of images and it still only cost about £50.  Yes the quality isn't as good as a luxury handmade album, but parents tend not to mind this as they just want to show off the actual photos, rather than keep it as a family heirloom (unlike your main album). 

    Hope this helps a bit!

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    I used to do wedding photography as a hobby, I studied it at uni so I would say get the high res images and order the albums yourself and it will save you a lot of money.

    I used to charge £700 for 2 photographers all day, usb stick of images and a 8x10 album but that was 5 years ago

    I used loxley colour to do my albums they cost about £120 for one like this 






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    We looked for people who had photographed our venue before (there are some quite specific issues with it for a photographer as there's no natural light) and for the style we like (candid, unposed, documentary style).Looking for photos of our venues also helped to give us ideas of what would and wouldn't work there.

    Had a browse online and emailed our top three once we had our dates to hand.

    We actually wound up finding our photographer by recommendation from one who wasn't available but was able to share details of his network. We had a chat over the phone and we've been emailing back and forth, and he's been very open with sharing full shoots and answering specific questions. We're both keen photographers ourselves, so had a pretty clear idea of what we wanted. The only thing I have added is an "engagement" shoot as an opportunity to meet up, get some photos that are not limited to our venues and to get a sense of how we might appear on the day!

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    Magic Picture Photography wrote (see post):


    I want to recommend Magic Picture Photography, a one stop destination for getting the best photography services ever. They offer an affordable cost and their style is unique and awesome.imageimageimage

    Without Photographers,a wedding day could not be completed. Just check out their portfolio.

    So you want to recommend yourself, yet use "they"  Hmmm.  

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    We have gone with a Photographer I had seen post on here, her name is Louise Cuppello and so far she has been fantastic very patient and very helpful. She has only recently started wedding so some may say its a bit risky but I have followed her on Instagram (@louisecuppellophotography) and her work is stunning and exactly what we are looking for. Prices are very reasonable and I'm sure its for two shooters and a free engagement shoot (which gives you a real chance to see her work), she has also offered to help with any albums or prints we want but has not pressured us into anything. 


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    Most often, everything depends on the qualifications of the photographer, as well as the amount of time for which you need a photo shoot. In addition, with wedding photographers everything is much easier now than with event or maternity photographers by example of
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    Wow, we were married in Cambridge too! We were advised by our friends at work to contact these wedding photographers in cambridge and we were really pleased with the quality of the photos. The price is decent and we hadn't any problems with the photographer, so my recommendation is this service. They also do catering, which was really nice too.
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