Wedding confetti help..

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I do hope everyone is okay?

I have a question.... I’m looking at wedding confetti and pre-packed ones seems so expensive so I have decided to get confetti in bulk and then buy the cones and make it myself to keep the price down.. we have 210 guests but I don’t think I need to do 210 I’m thinking around half of that... the problem I’m having is how much confetti to buy as it comes in litres I don’t wanna fill the cones to the top as I’m going to buy the cones box type ones.

if anyone has done this can you give me idea of how much confetti I will need? And if you can recommend any where to buy from that would be perfect! 

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  • I think the recommendation from most companies is that for every 10 guests you need 1L of confetti. 

    So if you’re buying for 60 guests, I would say you’d need at least 6 litres. 

  • Barbie3Barbie3 Posts: 340 New bride

    don't guests bring their own confetti anymore?  

  • I don’t know why this has happened recently, but I always come to my weddings with my confetti. The last time I ordered there was no time to do them myself. I liked them so much on video, but live even cooler))) I compares favorably with other guests!
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