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Hi all ... I have a question! All opinions welcome.

We plan to have a wedding cake solely to serve a function – to maintain tradition and to have a photo of us cutting it. We've looked at the wedding cakes being sold at supermarkets and, although they're cheaper than having one made professionally, are still quite expensive to serve the full number of guests attending. 

We've been to several weddings in the past and never had a slice of the wedding cake, and it's heartbreaking to think that so much money is spent on something that not everyone eats and then gets thrown in the bin. So we're debating whether to have just a small cake to save money, either a supermarket or professionally made cake.

My question is ... is it wrong to have a cake that will only cater for a certain number of guests? We plan to have 90 guests in the day and about 130 in the evening. I know some will want cake and others won't be bothered, but I worry that it could be considered inappropriate.

Both sets of parents seem to think that it doesn't matter, as those who really want cake will make sure they have a slice. As seems to be the case in the evening, only a percentage of guests are catered for as the majority will still be full from the wedding breakfast, so does the same apply to cake?

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  • It might be an option to get a small decorated cake for cutting and photos and then buy plain sheet cakes to serve to guests. I think, as with the evening buffet, it is recommended that you only provide a portion of cake for around 80% of guests, as some won't want it or be busy with dancing etc. 

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    I think it’s fine to have one that serves less people. You could always serve it quite late when less people are likely to have it. I don’t really ever eat the cake at weddings. 

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    Friends of ours had a 3 tier decorated polystyrene cake then the cake served to guests was big traybakes - worked out alot cheaper apparently!

  • I felt the same way as you - went to five weddings last year and didn't get to eat cake at any of them! - so we're going in the opposite direction. We're serving the cake as the pudding after dinner so we're actually spending more on it than we would do if we were just buying one for tradition - but we're saving because we're not spending any other money on pudding. That might be another idea to consider?
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    we are also serving our cake as the desert, we still wanted to cut one but we don't really bother with it at other weddings either. So we opted for a semi naked cake, 4 tier half victoria sponge half lemon cake and it wasn't much more expensive than a supermarket cake at £270 our caterer will serve it with pouring cream after the main meal and we've scraped the options they had for deserts. 
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