Sharan Sandhu (Monarch Weddings) Videographer

There is a huge thread about her on here somewhere... if you search it should come up. Lots of brides taking legal action etc against her.


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    I'm not surprised! I've never had any dealings with her but the woman has no shame!!

    The good thing is that when you search her name in Google it comes up with a link to the original thread, so hopefully that will put some people off using her. 

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    Does anyone have a company address or any address for monarch sharan sandhu

  • hi has anyone had any luck with this woman? She’s disappeared once again and deleted her new company she was known as monarch wedding For the last year, please pm me with any info that can be helpful. She’s given me nothing and taken all my money for my wedding photos and video 

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    Hi everyone,
    I have been in contact with Sharan and she has sent most my photos and videos even after closure of Monarchs. you can email or call her to get into contact. she is currently doing my video editing and photo editing. will keep you all updated.
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    The same thing has happened to us.

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    We believe we have also been scammed by Sharan.

    We had our wedding back in June 2018 and it's been more than 17 weeks and all we have is the photography, which we probably wouldn't have got if I didn't constantly chase her.

    The last I heard from her was on the 4th of October, where she said she'd give me the full video and album but I believe she's changed her number since then as the messages aren't even being delivered.

    I'm thinking of maybe raising awareness of her online and making an Instagram account or something as I have a few pictures of her and possibly even aim to get all the couples who have experienced the same situation together to hpegully have more of an impact.

    Please contact me via email ([email protected]) or Instagram (Faizaxkasim) if you have any details you think that may be useful.


    Kasim & Faiza

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    I booked Sharan Sandhu for my wedding back in July 2017, and now sitting in Feb 2019 still waiting for the full service I was promised. It has taken tremendous effort and time to get my pictures and raw footage from Sharan Sandhu, which is still nowhere near the product delivery I signed up for. It was all great with her at the beginning, she promises the world, a nice package which is to be delivered within 3 months of filming, a usb with all your photos and of course final videos which allow for 2 edits to be done with customer input. But then things take a dark turn when she has all the money paid. It's hard to get in contact with her. She doesn't answer the phone, she constantly promises deadlines she can't meet and so on.  To be honest, it's my fault for not researching her before booking, if I had I would have known that she has also been on Rip Off Britain. See the link to the video below:

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    Ok so I wish to tell you all my experience with Sharan and update you step by step on where I am at with her. 
    Jan 2018 - After searching for photographers on Instagram I came across ‘Monarch Photography’ which had a nice portfolio and contacted them on instagram for a qoute UNFORTUNATELY.! 
    I accepted a qoute for £1500 which included 2 photographers, 1 videograpgher and drone footage. £750 deposit paid.
    July 2018 - A random message from Sharon Sandhu claiming that I should not worry about the Monarch Photography instagram page being deleted as she is closing the business after she has done my wedding in August. Again a BIG MISTAKE to believe her.
    August 2018 - Wedding day arrived and she hired 2 guys and a woman to help do the photos/videos/drone. She clearly hired these freelancers to help her with the job (Trust me when I say, I wish I hired those people as their pictures were 10x better than Sharons). On the wedding day she acted very professional just as a Con artist does with the smiles and laughter etc. She wanted the rest of the money on the day. My Third REGRET.! 
    October 2018 - After settling in with marriage life it came to my attention that I had not been in contact yet from Sharon as she did say 6 weeks after the wedding I will be getting ALL THE PHOTOS. Decided to contact her and to my surprise she had not been on Whatsapp for nearly 6 weeks and her phone engaged everytime we tried to call. After researching her STRAIGHT away I came across this forum and seen the comments and all the horrors hit me. After commenting about my experiences on this forum and emailing her on the business email for 2 weeks straight to my surprise she had emailed ‘Claiming’ she was seriously ill and was hospitalised. She promised (promise number 1) that she will jump onto the photos/videos straight away and this will take 3 weeks.
    Nov 2018 - After 3 weeks you guys guessed it NOTHING.! Called my lawyer and got into contact with local newspapers that were happy to publish an article about her, i decided to try once again. She then phoned me stating she had to go into operation and that EVERYTHING would be done by the end of December/ beginning of January. She then asked me to remove my comments from this forum as she is doing it. (Promise number 2) 
    Dec 2018 - Got into contact with different couples who had experienced the same Con from Sharon and they had lawyers going through court orders to get their money back. Some even got their photos etc. After argueing with Sharon I managed to get her to send some photos and videos (which she recorded using only her camera and some from only the female freelancer photographer) downloaded them just incase. 
    Jan 2019 - STILL NOTHING.! Contacted Sharon and told her that i’ve had anough and was ready to expose her for the lies and horror. After worrying she said that she was on holiday and when she comes back the rest of the photos will be edited. We gave her until Feb the 2nd to tell us the progress.
    Feb 2019 - After her ‘Claiming’ she had just come back from holiday she said that she needs a week to finish editing ALL the pictures (Promise number 3). Gave her until the 10th of Feb. 
    Feb 10th - After having to contact her (which I always have to do) she once again ‘Claimed’ that they were finished and she will be sending it. She then took a screen shot of a PARCEL ORDER that she placed and it said no later than the 15th we should recieve the parcel.
    Feb 13th - after using the tracking order the status of the parcel was still PARCEL ORDERED. Contacted Sharon and she said that she had sent it.
    Feb 15th - NO PARCEL ARRIVED.! (Promised number 4) threatened her to come back onto this forum and tood her that she better send the USB with all the photos (inclusing all the freelancer photos) first thing on Feb 16th FIRSST CLASS.
    Feb 16th - She has ‘Claimed’ that she has sent the package first class and when she gets home she will send me a picture of the reciept. 8pm and no picture or reply of where the evidence is. Had enough of the bullshit I have decided that I will share my experience step by step and tell you all the progress as it goes on day by day and everytime I contact her and the outcome so none of you have to go through this. I Have once again contacted my lawyer and emailed the news outlets to see if they are willing to post an article about her. They are on stand-by right now. 
    More to come soon guys.! 
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