Any Kingscote Barn Brides?

Hey guys! 

Hope everyone’s planning is going smoothly. I was just wondering if anyone else is getting married at the Kingscote Barn in Tetbury? Wanted to chat all things Bridal for our utterly stunning venue! Also wondered what everyone is doing for accommodation? I’m struggling! I’ve only managed to book the onsite accommodation, spring cottage and the byre. Finding difficult to place everyone due to awkward numbers and figuring out what to do the night of the wedding and where to get ready! What’s everyone’s plans? 

Can’t wait to get in touch with some fellow Kingscoters!! <3 


  • Hiii I am! When are you getting married? Mine is happening Sep19!

    I've gotten most things sorted now what suppliers have you booked? I'm staying at The Surveyors House the night before moving to the barn on the night.

    Railway Hotel has loads of apartments and is attached to an actual hotel I think so loads of rooms in one area! The rooms are a bit too sterile for me though

  • Hi , we are getting married at the kingscote barn in Nov 19. We have sooooooo much to figure out, decoration accommodation, entertainment.

    I was thinking of maybe suggesting one big hotel and providing a mini bus to ferry people to and fro, but have yet to properly look for a suitable place. We have gone with strawberry fields for catering as it was part of the deal but have heard lovely things about them.

    Hopefully there will be more commentators as we roll into 2019.

    Good luck ladies xx
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