Rhodes/Lindos Wedding 2019

Hey Brides2b, I've been reading a few threads on here the last few months and absolutely love them so decided to start my own.

How we met
So me and R got introduced by a mutal friend nearly 8 years ago this coming March, there was a instant spark and we've been inseparable since. Our relationship was abit of a whirlwind at first we decided to try for a baby (6 weeks in) crazy when I look back now but it worked for us. Luckily for us I conceived pretty much straight away, we now have a sassy 6 and a half year old. 4 years later we had another daughter she's now nearly 2. Marriage didn't really bother me at first but now 7 years on and 2 daughters later I thought c'mon R you've gotta ask me soon. Pull your finger out. So I kept on dropping sutle hints. LOL as you do!

The proposal.
Being parents of 2 children we do value getting a sitter and having a night off. We'd planned mum was having the girls. We booked a hotel, dinner and drinks. I didn't really think much of proposals that night tbh it was good just having a night off and I was looking forward to it. Arrived at the hotel it was lush as usual, R is very good at picking good hotels. I was having a shower when R said he's going down to the bar for drinks, he'll bring them up. I shouted through the shower okay great see you in a bit. I was still in the shower when he came back up. I remember thinking back he kept saying hurry up your drink is here, didn't think much of it at the time. Just thought he was wingeing that I was taking too long in the shower. Typical man ha! Came out of shower and sipped on my drink, it was a lush cocktail in the most unusual glass, kept sipping and casually started getting ready. R was acting very weird! Just thought he was hot in the hotel room. 10 mins or so later I noticed there was a glacier cherry at the moment of my glass, I absolutely love glacier cherries. Here I am for about 5 mins trying to pick this glacier cherry out of the bottom of this very weird unusual glass, unknowingly to me R was freaking out BADLY! Then it smacked me!!!! My engagement ring sat right underneath it. I must of been staring at this glass for a good 15 mins! What a plonker. I was very gobsmacked. At this point R had reached a point of nervousness, he lost his speech he'd wrote and memorized. Bless him. But he got down on one knee and asked. There was tears and hugs. I was on cloud nine. <!--/data/user/0/com.samsung.android.app.notes/files/share/clipdata_180811_161234_474.sdoc-->



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    Welcome 😀

  • Location 

    We always knew we wanted an abroad wedding, due to having broken families on either side and for not really going mad ie inviting people just for the sake of it. Having an abroad wedding just seem so much less hassle and work. People who want to come to our wedding we come, simple as that :) and in all fairness it wouldn't bother me if it was just me, R, our 2 girls, mum, stepdad and dad. Added people are a bonus. Although having said that I am feeling very overwhelmed with such a postitve response and with people booking already, and it's made me very happy. We decided on Rhodes in Lindos. It looked amazing and I'm easily pleased. I done some research on independent wedding planners come across uniqueweddingsrhodes owned by a lovely women called Beverley. (If any one has used them, id love to hear about your experience) Had a Skype call with her and felt comfortable right from the start. We booked our wedding for the 09/09/19 at 4pm. Paid our deposit. It was as easy as that. 

    We've decided on a beach wedding ceremony. (I will put some photos up) Were having our ceremony at Mitsis memories beach.


    Followed by a boat cruise for the whole wedding party to our taverna on the beach for our reception. 

    Here's a few photos, were undecided weather to use the garden or the top terrace. 


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    Welcome 😀

    Hey 😃😃

  • The dress

    I bought my dress from WED2B, absolutely love it it's quite flowly. I did want a crepe type dress but changed my mind once I tired one on. But I'm super happy with my decision. image It does need adjustments :D 

  • Bridesmaids

    I got super lucky with the girls dresses, they were £32 each from chi chi London. This is a pic of me wearing it. imageimage Again adjustments are needed for the girls, but I love them. You can't really see the colour properly on theses either. The colour is gorgeous. It's blush xx

  • My daughters dresses.



    From monsoon :D. There short at the front, long at the back. Found a better pic of adult dresses x 





  • Wedding sandals




    Got theses in the sale from debenhams xx


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    My youngest has the same dress from Monsoon! Lush aren't they! Xx

  • Candice9 wrote (see post):

    My youngest has the same dress from Monsoon! Lush aren't they! Xx

    So nice aren't they :) decisions on shoes now xxx

  • Bridemaid bags.

    Decided on doing my bridesmaids a gift bag each before we fly out. This is what I have so far. imageimageimageimage


    Also got them 1 of theses each but ovs in blush :D image

  • imageTrial run hair.

    So happy with theses hair extensions from eBay, they match my hair colour perfectly 

  • Last thing wedding related I've bought for this year. image

  • Having abit of a lull period at the moment. Currently waiting to hear from our wedding planner. She said she'd be in contact this month with paperwork and photographer deposits, so I'm just waiting.

  • My mum bought her dress for the wedding, just waiting for it too arrive. Can't wait to see her in it xximage

  • Decided to try my dress on again on Monday. So got the girls coming over to help me into it. Exciting :) xx

  • So tried on my dress today and it doesn't fit!! (Okay so I'm 5lbs up from when I bought it) gutted is a understatement but gonna hit it hard come new year so I'm not too worried, was still gutted tho. Will be retrying dress again in March. But here's a pic of my MOH. image

  • Just wanted to show you my reception dress. Bought from John Lewis  French connection £195 to £58!! Bargain!! :) 
  • Also got this in the debenhams black friday 
  • Happy New year. Photographer is booked and paid. Soon be 4th Sept and I'll be flying out to be married x
  • Having a destination wedding, our legal paperwork correspondence dont start till april, so haven't really done much. Last few days me and H2B have been searching for wedding rings but i haven't seen anything i like,  now i know why people have them made. Bought a few other things from debenhams in the January sale, bride clutch bag. Also ordered the bridesmaids robes which I'm looking forward to seeing. Booked a balloon frame with props for our wedding home party  but thats it. 8months tomorrow and feel like i havent done anything. I am enjoying it tho:) xx
  • Oh and this is mothers dress, ignore her hair she would say 

    Also restarted sw, i have 1st 2lbs to loose, first weigh in on thursday xx
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    Love your dress, you look fab! x
  • Love your dress, you look fab! x 
    Thankyou x

  • Confetti has been ordered :) 
  • Just took a risk and ordered this wedding ring from ernest jones :) 
  • Hey,  if not updated in a while.
    Having a serious lull with our wedding being abroad, havent heard from the wedding planner. Luckily for me my MOH who is also my hairdresser did a trual run today which went pleasantly well. I really didnt want a veil but h2b is really wanting me to have one, he also wants it over my face. Ive sorta compromised with him. Gonna wear it but not over my face. Heres a picture of veil above and below bun. Im def feeling below. Any else in this dilemma? 
  • I like it above 😊 but both look fabulous xx 
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    I like below!
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