A little warning for my fellow brides.

There is one thing that really annoys me about our venue. And that is that they keep going back on things that we agreed upon when we met up with them in person.

All I can advise other brides is to put everything in writing with their venue and suppliers in general. Don't be as trusting as I was.

They already backtracked on the price they originally quoted us for favours, a keg of beer, bread and butter during the speeches. 

Now the newest chapter...

They offer a 150£ package for a Sweet Table. And a 300£ package for a Polaroid camera guestbook. Both aren't to are taste (And way too expensive). So we agreed with thr coordinator at our last meeting in the castle that we could bring our own stuff. I went ahead and bought everything.

This weekend I sent them an email just to check the details of the layout. And the coordinator replies that this was never agreed and that normally you need to pay for the package.

Greedy b******. It's not like we aren't spending a lot of money already. We have booked a full weekend. So are paying for 12 rooms for two nights. We are paying for food and drink the evening before. We bought their cocktail package. Etc.

I sent quite a stern email back. And all of this will definitely go in my review on Facebook.

I'm just kicking myself for not ensuring everything was in writing to start off with. You just cannot trust anyone.


  • How frustrating!  I feel for you and thank you for the advice.

    So far I've tried to summarise everything on email after I've met with the venue, we've got our next meeting in a couple of weeks and I definitely intend to go over everything again, get firm answers on things and confirm it all in an email afterwards.

    I hope they realise their mistake and back track, surely they know how expensive weddings are, every penny counts!

    Good luck!

  • Sian91Sian91 Posts: 829 New bride

    I agree- it can definitely be difficult. I kept sending follow up emails after each meeting 'to confirm xyz'. 

    I hope this is the end of the venue issues :)

  • So I had a look through the notes that the wedding coordinator made about our wedding last night. And low and behold what do I find: a clear note saying "Bride will bring bowls of sweets for evening buffet"

    So I sent a follow up email pointing this out.

    This morning I got two emails from our coordinator in response to mine. In backward order to the ones I sent.

    In the first she agrees that we did indeed discuss and agree that I could bring my own sweets. But that what she understood was that they would be put out as part of the buffet in the evening. Which I suppose is exactly what the note said. But is not what I discussed with her when we met up. I very clearly said sweet table. I suppose one could put this down to a miscommunication.

    In her second email (In response to my first stern one) she agrees reluctantly that we can have the sweets on a separate table and that she will add it to her notes. 

    Now I feel like a Bridezilla. And I hate this feeling.

    I know that I very clearly discussed the sweet table with her. In fact I checked three times during that meeting if it was ok.

    And it's not the first time that they have changed their tune on something they promised us verbally. And thats why I was so annoyed in the first place.

    The whole thing has left a really bitter taste in my mouth.

  • Oh my lovely! I feel your pain!
    I got married in November and it got to the point where I was arguing with my wedding coordinator the night before the wedding on WhatsApp! A total shambles! 
    Constant back tracking and hidden charges that were not agreed or disclosed at the time of booking! That awful sinking feeling in your chest when you get a “Well who did you speak to because that’s not something we do.” When you phone.
    May I suggest a crisis meeting with them as you should be enjoying this time and thier poor service is spoiling it for you!
    i hope that it all gets sorted for you! The very best of luck! 
  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride
    Glad they've agreed to do it, don't let them make you feel like bridezilla though it isn't your fault they backtracked. My venue were also a nightmare with this so I agree it is great advice to record everything no matter how small on an email. Hope you don't have any more problems x
  • mine have been like this, even when we had email evidence :( The recently blamed it on the coordinator that was there when we booked, but who has now left, saying she was a nightmare and said whatever we wanted and then left, but last week they uploaded a "Team" section to the website and i can see the woman who gave us all the wrong info isn't the coordinator, and is still working there quite happily.... 

    still havent decided if i can be bothered to argue it. 
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