Photographer help!

Hello everyone!

First thread on here having just booked our wedding in Saint Lizier, 1 hour south of Toulouse in France for May 2020.

Just wondering if there are any brides out there who have gotten married in the same region, who can recommend any photographers for us?

I've fallen in love with a lady from the UK but she costs £3500 to fly over and I just can't justify it.

Thanks in advance! :) 


  • This guy shot my wedding and I remember seeing the free travel for Europe on his website, might be worth a shot (excuse the pun).

  • kate268 wrote (see post):

    This guy shot my wedding and I remember seeing the free travel for Europe on his website, might be worth a shot (excuse the pun).


    Thank you! Will put him on my to contact list! :) 

  • My MofH in getting married in Portugal and used using a photographer that regularly photographs weddings at her venue.  She follows them on instagram so gets to see a selection of their shots and is very confident about using them.  Maybe there is someone similar that has covered your venue before.

    If the venue don't do recommendations, maybe look at tagged places on instagram.

    Good luck! 

  • I know has done some destination weddings but am unsure if there is a price to fly over, you can try contacting him :)

  • Hey there!

    Congratulations on your engagement!! We are based in the UK but often travel overseas. We have just shot a destination wedding last week in Malta! We would love to be considered for your wedding, it sounds amazing! Our style is very relaxed and our passion is to capture the moments of the day :)

    Our website is and our email is [email protected]

    We hope you hear from you soon!

    Lauren & Sam xx

  • Try elopement / destation photographers. There are some amazing wedding photographers who are nomads and just travel. If you ask the question they may say sounds awesome and do you a cheap deal. You have to commit to their style of work and having done a similar thing, I have full confidence. Im happy to recommend Amy Bluestar Photography. She’s based in the states but travels everywhere for weddings. Might be worth asking people you’ve never thought of, so long as you chat over Skype you’ll know if they are the right photographers. 

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    Hi there!

    I am a professional photographer that shoots on film. 

    Film photography is unique and perfectly captures every moment in time. 

    It gives that edgy look that never goes out of fashion and will make your memories even brighter every time you'll look at them.

    I usually take photos of artists, but i want to extend my passion and work to wedding photography. 

    As it's the beginning of wedding photography for me, i would do some shootings for free. 

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