Wedding Photographer - Low Cost

Hi Everyone,

Anyone looking for a low-cost photographer? 

I've been focussing on Wedding Videography for the past year, but I'm wanting to branch out and try my hand at Wedding Photography. I do however do some event photography and commercial photoshoots, so i'm not (hopefully!) a total amateur.

I'm based in and around the Midlands and Sussex area, but don't mind if your wedding is slightly further afield. 

What I can offer is a whole days shoot (from pre-wedding prep all the way through to reception). A photo album of roughly around 30 of your favourite photographs of the day and a memory stick with all the fully edited photos - all for £375.

If you're interested, feel free to send me a message and I will can send you over my portfolio for you to look at.



  • That's a great offer, I hope you find some takers!

    I'm a wedding photographer and I ended up getting into it doing shoots for friends, it's not an easy gig to get into. Have you tried offering your services as a second shooter to other local togs? Could be another good way in, especially as you know the industry. Best of luck to you :) 
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